why does the oracle live in the matrix?

why doesnt she live in "the real world"? and why wouldnt anyone else in morpheus' crew choose to live in the matrix too if thats an option. sorry if this is a silly question...

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  • 7 years ago
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    Nope not silly actually.

    Basically, the machines realized that "The Matrix" was unstable and so their power source eventually would break down over and over. In order to combat this, they established a dynamic balance where Zion would allow for a tiny resistance to exist in the real world and the Oracle would be a program that allows for a "Neo" to come into existence and to challenge the balance of the Matrix. By "a Neo," I mean someone that can break the rules to such an extent that they can eventually threaten to destabilize the entire Matrix.

    This has happened an unknown number of times for an unknown number of cycles of Zion formation, Neo activity, Matrix reboot...

    So, the Oracle is part of this dynamic system.

    The really interesting questions evolve from this Dynamic, because one can start to ask questions as to whether Free Will really exists, whether both the Oracle and Neo evolved over these many cycles, what will happen next and so forth...

    For instance, the Oracle is rather pleased with the outcome at the end of Neo's tale: is she pleased because her programming makes her pleased, or has she evolved into a computer that opposes the system by free choice? If the Oracle exhibits free choice and the ability to discern good from evil, then is it just for Humans to triumph over the machines and programs, or do they both now deserve to exist? ... etc.

  • 3 years ago

    No, you have misunderstood it. as quickly as Neo had freed the Matrix from the administration of the machines (via killing Agent Smith), the Matrix ought to resume being what it were; a man made reproduction of the actual international. meaning it ought to do issues like mirror what the international could have been, e.g. eco-friendly grass and blue skies. The scene on the top of the movie is complete via the little woman, who reprogrammed the international to teach a first easy, and a park, and a sky. What you have been seeing replaced into the matrix, no longer the actual international; endure in techniques, the actual international replaced into nonetheless 'scorched' with cloud hide. (Neo's deliver had to fly over it to get to the sky).

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    i think she was born there. i don't remember or they did not say years since i have seen that movie

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