What could cause pain in left arm and chest?

For years, I've had high stress and with it, pain on the inside of my left arm, left side of body next to arm, and toward the heart. I was certain it had to do with clogged arteries, etc and that the condition was probably getting worse.

I paid for a CT scan to see how much arteriosclerosis there might be. Imagine my shock when I found out I had a score of ZERO, perfect, with absolutely no calcification in the arteries or heart.

SO, my question then is what besides stress and my hypochondria might be causing the pain in the arm and left side of torso? Have I been imagining it all this time, clenching those muscles and causing the illusion I had heart issues? I do use my left arm for everything, as I am left handed, such as using a mouse, etc.

Moreso, is it possible to get a heart attack one day even though you have perfect arteries and blood flow? Can enough stress cause this pain which would be a precursor to some sort of event?



So then my question is, what is missing in my life? Is it something in the diet? Not enough of certain enzymes or vitamins or minerals?

I thought the totality of heart health consisted of it getting enough blood, hence enough oxygen. What could a heart need other than this and that is now missing in me that I would have had at age 20 for instance?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sadly yes. You should go to the doctor more often. Each time you feel stressed, close your eyes & take ten deep breaths in and out. If you can, get a deep massage at least once a month.

  • 8 years ago

    Well, 'chest pain' can be anything from acid reflux, muscle strain, asthma.

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