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I am looking for the age and cause of color of dark emperador marble quarried from Longshan, Hubei, China.?

I know it's a longshot, but I thought there might be someone out there with a geologic map or details about this popular commercial stone. Using internet resources I have narrowed the age to probably Ordivician or Silurian. It could also be Permian-Triassic. The maps I have found online suggest Lower Paleozoic. Fossils I have found in the marble include bivalves (up to 2 cm), gastropods (3 cm dia), and bryozoa.

Also, I presume the dark color is due more to abundant organic matter rather than silicate mud. Anyone know what colors dark brown marble?


Sorry...the locale is Tongshan, Hubei, China. It's about 50 miles South of Wuhan.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The age of the marble could be as old at 300Ma (devonian). I have seen many instances of bivalves, gastropods and bryoza in limestone's of this age. The dark brown color will most certainly be iron. Either syn or post deposition. Iron may also have been introduced during the time the limestone was recrystallising into marble. I take it that the degree of metamorphism is not very extreme as there are still fossils present.

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