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How do you create character names?

I'm writing a horror/mystery/suspense novel and I can't seem to think of some good names for my two main characters. Any ideas?

Character 1: Is a female teenager, around the age of 15-17 years old. When she was a little girl, she became paralyzed in a accident, causing her to be wheelchair bound. After the accident, her parents abused her all her life. She eventually snaps and kills her family, causing her to be sent to a mental hospital, but she insists that she didn't kill them, but no one believes her because she is dangerously violent to everyone at the hospital.

Character 2: Is also a teenage girl, she is alittle bit older then Character 1. She is being haunted by dreams of Character 1's past, causing her to research about the girl. She finds her and interviews the killer at the mental hospital. She learns more of the killer's past and eventually finds out she has a lot more in common with the killer than she thought.

So, what could be some good names for these characters? How do you create character names? Also, what could be the title?


Also, how do you pick a character's last name?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Character 1: Kate. Tracy. Jenny. Tiffany. Allison. Stephanie. Sydney. Bridget. Kendall. Abby. Erin. Felicia. Dana. Sage. Chelsea. Piper. Nikki. Carrie. Sylvia. Ally.

    Character 2: Phoebe. Kadence. Vivian. Karyn. Michelle. Faith. Paige. Lauren. Sabrina. Naomi. Amelia. Erica. Stella. Skye. Denise. Kyra. Keri. Rose. Caroline. Rachel.

    Last names: Watson. Waters. Moore. Lockwood. Love. Barrows. Patrick. Walker. Matthews. Davis. Jones. Smith. Warrick. King. Stevens. Winters. Weathers. Lyons. Irons. O'Connor. O'Mara. Cooper. Anderson. Jensen. Lake. Russell. Taylor. Turner. Stone. Sway. Styles. Locke. Young. Wright. Foxx.


    Deadly Expectations

    Wide Awake

    In Harm's Way

    Angel of Mercy

    Against Her Will


    Her Desperate Choice

    Bad As I Wanna Be

    Fear and Mercy


    The Sanctuary

    Wicked Misdemeanors

    The Strange Flower

    Domestic Violence

    Deadly Encounters

    The Lost Soul

    The Wounded Soul or The Wounded One

    The Tortured Soul

    Ring of Fear

    The Condemned

    In Split Second

    Beyond The Terrors

    In Hot Blood

    The Rage and The Fury

    The Suffering

    Suffered No More

    Swallowing Fear

    Eve of Destruction (Eve can also be her name)

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  • David
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Most of the time I will use the first name that comes to mind and stick with it. As I write, I get more used to the name and the character begins to match it. Once in a while I will think for a while before choosing the main character's name. But again, I don't expect a perfect fit right away.

    I have had to do some research for period names for stories once in a while. Baby name sites are good for that.

    I never try to attach any meaning or significance to names. For example, if my character is a crybaby I will not search for crybaby names or names that mean crybaby.

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  • 8 years ago

    Character 1: Samantha

    Character 2: Nicole

    Title: Two Minds

    Samantha is a name I'd imagine a character that was normal but is easily swayed over a bit like Samara in The Ring (i think that was her name)

    Nicole sounds like an innocent name and they're the ones you've got to watch out for (maybe for a twist in the end of your story who knows)

    title speaks for itself as it seems they both share some sort of mental connection

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  • 8 years ago

    Okay, well, I usually picture the character in my head and just randomly take a trait, like example, blonde hair, and think: okay, that's the letter B- then I'll find another color trait, like green eyes, maybe change that, and with either of those letters I'll make sure it's somehwere in her name. I usually pick names I like, for example one of my characters that i love is Taylor.

    Anyway, Character 1 seems like she'd have some blank kinda name, like Clarissa, Clarice, Lia, Marley.

    Character 2 - I'm thinking kinda like the average girl that might seem to be into a lot of videoing and stuff (IDK why, she just feels that way to me) and I think she'd be good being named Heaven, or maybe Jonnie.

    Hope I helped

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  • Joss
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I usually go with my gut. I picture what teh character looks like and the first name that pops in my head is the name I go with. I don't spend time on coming up with names and on the rare chance that I can't come up with a good name or don't like teh name that popped in my head, I go with it anyway, until something else comes to me later. I never let it stop me from writing (I'm not sayign it does for you). I like unique names, so I go with unique names that I've made up or names you don't hear often.

    Same with last name. Unless the character's ethnic background plays a role, then I go with whatever last name pops in my mind. The only time I spent coming up with a name was for a character who was of Romanian descent, so I looked up some common roman surnames and went with teh one I liked the best.

    Veronica and Jessica.

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  • 8 years ago

    Jan for character1 and Marsha for character 2.

    Source(s): The Brady Bunch
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  • 8 years ago

    Andra & Celine

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  • Kalla
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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