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How Much Are These Old Records Worth All Together?

I have one of each:

33 1/2:

The Sting-1973

The Graduate soundtrack-1967

Henry Mancini The Pink Panther-1963


The Beach Boys-1975

Meet The Beatles-the first album by englands' phenominal pop combo-1963


Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits (Volume 1)-19--

Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits-with autographed souvenir inside-19--

86 Eagles Live-1980

Mary Poppins-1964

Uncle Remus-1963

The Righteous Brothers Greatest Hits-19--

Switched On Bach-1968

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Via Satelite-1972

Fiddler On The Roof Deluxe 2 Record Set-1971

Van Cliburn My Favorite Chopin-1961

Rubenstein Chopin Nocturnes-19--

The Beatles first album in America is on of the ones I have listed, My grandmother bought it the first day it came out. All the previous records ARE in the original covers, and each record has only been played a maximum of 7 times each.


The following ARE in the original cases, but Dates are unknown:

La Paloma Twist/Slow Twistin' Chubby Checker-19--

The Little Drummer Boy-19--

The Beach Boys- FunFunFun/Why do fools fall in love/19--

The Twist/Twistin' USA- Chubby Checker- 19--

The Following are NOT in the original cases, but in albums, and paper sleeves, again each played a maximum of 7 times (my grandparents knew they would be worth a lot someday):

Please Please Me/From Me To You-The Beatles

I'll Get You/She Loves You-The Beatles

Misery/Taste Of Honey/Ask Me Why-The Beatles

Beach Boys-409/Surfin' Safari

She's A Woman/I Feel Fine- The Beatles

Do You want to know a secret/Thank you girl-The Beatles

I should've known better/A hard day's night-The Beatles

All My Loving/This Boy-The Beatles

I Was standing there/I want to hold your hand-The Beatles

You Can't do that/Can't Buy Me Love-The Beatles

Please Mr. Postman/Roll Over Beethoven'The Beatles version

Just Like A Woman/Obviously 5 believers-Bob Dylan

Thank you girl/do you want to know a secret-The Beatles

Twist And Shout/There's A Place- The Beatles

Haunted Castle/Louie Louie-The Kingsmen

Like A Rolling Stone/Gates of Eden-Bob Dylan

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues/I Want You-Bob Dylan

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    8 years ago
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    That's something that can only be actually determined by someone, that's knowledgeable where vinyl is concerned, and is able to appraise it. The condition of the jacket will be one of the main factors in determining what . Also the condition of the label will have an affect. Then there is the print run of that specific recording. This too will have an affect on the value.

    Ebay, and other sites similar are only reflective of what someone paid for a certain record. That does not make it accurate, nor should it be considered as being a reliable source. The two most common mistakes made by people, when they try to assign a value to their records are the condition, as this is usually a much better condition than what they really are. The next is what it's going to be worth. Many usually over value their collection. A smaller group may actually under value their collection, and even the condition of it. Only by having someone actually look at it can you get any kind of a reliable estimate.

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    8 years ago

    You wont get a decent answer on this forum. Check with a record dealer, a record collector, and music sites where people are selling the same albums like and The Beatles first LP and Elvis LPs may be valuable but I reallly dont know. I dont collect this type of music except Twistin USA from Chubby Checker which I probably bought around 1962.

  • yau
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    4 years ago

    a minimum of 20 for the Beatles checklist. have self belief it or no longer that became in ordinary terms like 40 4 years in the past so as that checklist is particularly a lot circulated in vinyl checklist shops and issues like that.

  • 8 years ago

    Altogether? 50 cents

    Source(s): Professor Record Buyer
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