5 paragraph and comparitive essay between Buddhism and Hinduism ?

and don't tell me on how i have to do it myself

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    The significance difference of Buddhism and Hinduism as follows:

    Hinduism is based on 'Nyaya' meaning system and permanent God (Maha Brahma) the all soles liberate to. There can be more or less dialects in belief.


    In Buddhism, '14 Maha Brahma' is in 'Rupa world'.



    The nibbana in Buddhism is to be free from all 3 main worlds:

    1. Kama loka (sense world referring to definitions)

    2. Rupa loka (body of the definition)

    3. Arupa/naama loka (name/reference of definition)

    Therefore, the core of Hinduism is to maintain the system, and the core of Buddhism is it's opposite, that is to free from attachment to system.

    Free from attachment to system is free from worldly conditioning, the complete solution to suffering (Dhukkha)

    Source(s): Tipitaka & Vedanta
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    Atman, that's the eternal and endless center of each and every real being or self and is God Brahman ,is the top of the line distinction; Buddhism rejects this(Anatman)yet teaches that each and everyone have a Buddha nature and doubtlessly can develop into Buddhas(Enlightened or wakened Ones) Buddhism has no caste device(some forms of Hinduism not do the two) Buddhism claims a founder and Hinduism does not Buddhists would have gods in the event that they choose for yet such can not avert considering the fact that in straight forward terms you could attain enlightenment and Hinduism sees the function and worship of the gods/God as substantial in moksha( yet there are forms of Hinduism that don't) the two have reincarnation,karma and Nirvana and dharma additionally, there are people who're concurrently the two Hindu and Buddhist Buddhism has the 4 Noble truths, the Eightfold course and the 5 Precepts and Hinduism has the regulations of Mani Hinduism has the Vedas, the Epics Mahabarata and Ramayana and the Upanishads that are older than the Buddhist Pali Canon and the sutras

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    8 years ago

    Do you really expect someone to sit here and write you 5 paragraphs. This is a really easy assignment that would take you an hour tops with internet, which you clearly have. You also should learn how to spell "comparitive" is "comparative".

  • 8 years ago

    You can talk about the way the religions differ:

    Buddhism founded by Buddha, Hindu = no one founder

    Hinduism believes in existence of souls, whereas Buddhists do not

    & how they're similar:

    Both believe in reincarnation

    Culturlally Indian

    Both polytheistic

    Source(s): Google, many sites are available when you google "Hinduism vs Buddhism"
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  • Sharon
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    8 years ago

    Emma gives very valid input ... google will result in plenty of information.

    If it is to be a comparative essay, know how to write a good one and you won't have to do and redo it



    Good luck, should be an easy one to pick 3 areas to compare and make a thesis statement from

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