got a compaq CQ58-201SA but its asking for a password when i start it up...need help?

there is nothing about passwords in the manual i got with it


it was a gift but i know it was bought from Comet....the person who gave my son it for christmas would not lie about that...i cant use any software from a site as i cant get the laptop to open at all

Update 2:

its not asking for a username just a password....tried typing in administrator and also leaving it blank

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  • 8 years ago
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    passworded laptops now are almost impossible to crack either the seller was ignorant or crooked, hope you got it cheap , if it's a windows password you can download cracking software that will delete or reset or tell you the password, if it's windows login type administrator in the user box and leave the password box empty , that sometimes works

  • DrZoo
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    8 years ago

    Did you get this as a gift? Did you buy it used from someone? If it's a fresh install it shouldn't have a password unless someone put it on there. Not trying to sound like a dick, but if that's the situation, it may be stolen.

    There is a way to clear the password using software. The one I like the most is called "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor" it's pretty advanced and you'd need someone to walk you through it.

    If you have more questions or want more help feel free to email me.

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