Can I use a 12v standard relay to control house ac power?

The ac power wire would be connected to 87a and 30. This would be to shut off power while the relay is activated.

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  • 8 years ago
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    YES !!!!

    As Long As You Use Only The Contacts of 30 Common and 87A as Normally Open.

    Only Use 12 Volts DC To Energize The Coil on Terminals 85 and 86 (It Doesn't Matter Which one is Positive or Negative) The Coil is Not Diode Protected.

    YES !!! Run 120 Volts AC To Terminal 30 and When You put 12 Volts DC To The Coil, 120 Volts Will Come Out Of Terminal 87A.

    DANGER !!!!! This Small Relay Is Only Designed For Up To 20 Amps !!!!!

    Only A Couple of Lights and Low Watt Appliances......

    The Relay Will Tell You The Amperage Rating of The Contacts....

  • Lee
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    8 years ago

    Personally I wouldn't use it anywhere it would be unsupervised in case of failure. The control side is going to have to be 12V DC though. My concern is whether the relay is designed to handle line voltage without internal arcing, especially when switching off a load.

    What you should be using is called a contactor. It's designed to switch AC loads and is controlled by 24 VAC (e.g. from a small HVAC or doorbell transformer). They do also sell 120V/24V relays.

  • 4 years ago

    12v 120v Relay

  • 4 years ago

    it could in all probability be secure. AC is genuinely plenty much less complicated for a relay to shelter than DC is. in spite of everything, if the relay can no longer shelter it, what's going to take place is that it's going to no longer be able to tutor off (it is going to arc around the contacts while it tries to tutor off) I think of that the fog device attracts incredibly little present day. that's clearly, for the contacts. For the coil you're able to desire to apply some DC voltage (possibly 12V considering that's an motor vehicle relay). it truly is greater significant to make specific that the Arduino can force the relay coil and not get fried; once you attempt to tutor off the coil it "kicks" and can improve a intense voltage; you need to make specific there's a snubber diode around the relay coil, and that the Arduino is secure and can shelter a sprint kickback.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    the relay needs to run on DC current,,, not AC ,,, so no

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