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Why has Russia banned US adoptions? What is the issue?

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    Why has Russia banned US adoptions? What is the issue?


    Within the last 20 years, 19 Russian children were killed by their US adoptive parents or died through their US adoptive parents’ faults. However, in many of these cases, the adoptive parents escaped any punishment – like it was, for example, with Michael Harrison, the adoptive father of Dima Yakovlev.

    “I believe that a ban on adoption of Russian children by US citizens should have been introduced already in 2010, after the case of Artyom Savelyev,” Pavel Astakhov says. “As you may remember, Artyom’s American adoptive mother sent him back to Russia in a plane all alone with a note which said that the boy had turned out to be too disobedient for her to cope with him. This step of this lady was not only against Russian laws, but against US ones as well.”

    “In 2010, Russian boy Vanya Skorobogatov, who had been adopted by a US couple, died in hospital. His adoptive father, Michael Craverwas trialed on charge that the boy died because the adoptive father had severely beaten him. However, the court found no sufficient evidence of that, and Michael Craver was not sentenced to any punishment. Michael Harrison, the adoptive father of Dima Yakovlev, who has forgotten him in a car, has not been punished either.”

    “All these cases show that a ban on adoption of Russian children by US citizens was a necessary step,” Pavel Astakhov concluded.

    At a press conference which he held on December 20, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said: “”The Dima Yakovlev law” is by no means aimed against US citizens who have already adopted Russian children, if they treat these children quite well. The law is in fact aimed against the position of the US authorities.”

    “It looks like is it a principal position of the US judicial authorities not to react at all on cases of ill-treatment of Russian children by US adoptive parents,” Mr. Putin continued. “People who have evidently committed crimes against Russian children often remain unpunished. Moreover, representatives of Russia are not allowed to be present at court sessions over these cases. I qualify this as lack of respect for Russia. One may probably find the Russian parliament’s response to this situation too emotional, but I believe that this is a quite adequate response.”

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    I heard it was a retaliation against American diplomats, so Putin passed an international law banning Russian adoption from most countries, most definitely the United States. It really does suck too because ever since I was younger, I wanted to adopt a child from Russia. Unfortunately they passed the ban before I came of age. But it's not like I can't have any children of my own, still it would have been nice to adopt a child and give them a loving home and family they deserve.

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    Russian officials and law enforcement murdered activist Sergei Magnitsky and the United States has decided that if they come here they will be arrested immediately to be tried for this crime, so Russia has retaliated by taking it out on their own children.

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    You are definitely younger than 23.

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    because America something that really pissed them off

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