AT&T Data usage important question?

Ok so I'm currently in Mexico and I got a message from at&t saying that ive been using too much data and now my account is suspended. Ive been using 68 mb just on one skype call less than 10 min. My question is if I can buy on the at&t website a 120mb international data plan and avoid the huge bill and just pay $30 usd extra. Can I do this?

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    8 years ago
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    Maybe. The problem with giving you a precise answer to help you is in that each account has its own contractual agreements and entitlements.

    IMPORTANT: Please contact them asap to avoid any further unnecessary charges. NOTE: try to find a WiFi connection for your phone, usually this means data is going across the WiFi network and may not be billed to your account bec you would not be using your data plan over the AT&T network in that case.

    For unique account configuration reasons, you should absolutely contact AT&T mobile and just speak to a customer service rep. No matter what action you take, you are still liable to any current plan usage and only Cust Svc can wave fees (via their internal company process) and/or support your needs to have a more appropriate plan for your needs.

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