Can John Cena heel turn to be bigger than Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin heel turn? +BQ?

Eric Bischoff had make Hulk Hogan heel turn to be great. It's very good heel turn. He'd that good idea after, He went to new japan pro wrestling. They've booked to make the nwo in the past. That moment will never forget.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had shake hands with his long time rival with Vince McMahon. They've lot of history with each other. Both them were unexpected booking from the writers in the past. It's the old days when, Both them had the balls to turns heel.

Can John Cena heel turn to be bigger than Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin heel turn? It'll never going happen yet? They'll have new biggest star soon If, That really happens.

BQ Do You think there's way that, Triple H can be better chairman than his father in law Vince McMahon?

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    John Cena's heel turn might be bigger than Stone Cold's, but not bigger than Hogan's.

    Stone Cold had always been a heel his entire career. He was always an anti hero. He was only so called hero by WWE Fans, since he battled Vince McMahon, the man whom Fans want to see getting his @ss kicked. Stone Cold did that @ss kicking and make Vince's life a living hell, that's why WWE Fans cheer for them. What make Austin's heel turn so surprising is the fact he aligned himself with his longtime nemesis, Vince McMahon. But, anyway, WWE Fans still loved Austin. Austin's heel turn was a very bad decision and complete waste. Austin was never an effective heel, he was still getting cheered. Austin's heel turn in my opinion was a complete FAILURE.

    Hulk Hogan's heel turn will remain the biggest heel turn of all time. The reason is because his heel turn was so unexpected. Nobody saw his heel turn coming. For the last 15 years, Hogan had always played the American Superhero gimmick. He's the hero to everyone. Yeah, finally WCW Fans turned on him. But, WCW Fans just expected to see him having his gimmick changed. WCW Fans wanted to see him booked as a more realistic wrestler who wins and loses just like everybody else. His unbeatable gimmick is an insult to intellegence. Instead, Hogan turned heel. That was so shocking.

    John Cena's heel turn would be a big heel turn for sure. As we can see in the past, Cena had played a very successful heel gimmick. He was a great heel back in 2003 with his rapper gimmick. No doubt he would be able to generate heat again if he turns heel now. But, the reason it would never top Hogan's is because Cena's heel turn had been anticipated for years now.

    Yeah, many believe Cena will never turn heel, but I can guarantee he will one day. Cena is just still 35 years old. Hogan turned heel when he was 43 years old. Cena still had a long way to go and at one point (I believe in his 40s), Cena would finally turn heel. But, that would only shock kids anyway. Adults had hoped Cena's heel turn for years and that finally come true. So, there are lot of people see that coming. That isn't unpredictable as Hogan's heel turn was.

    I think Cena's heel turn would top Austin. Cena would generate more heat. Now not only adults hated him, but also kids and women. Cena would top Austin's failing heel turn. I think Cena's heel turn will be No 3 biggest heel turn.

    After Hogan's, the second biggest heel turn was Andre The Giant's in 1987. Nobody also saw that coming. Andre had been a beloved gentle giant for 15 years and all of sudden he turned on Hogan and his Fans, and had Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as his manager. Now, he was an angry giant who's ready to destroy the American Superhero Hulk Hogan. WWE Fans expected to see Hogan vs Andre in babyface vs babyface at Wrestlemania 3. Nobody saw, even smelled an Andre's heel turn.

    BQ : Yes. Vince McMahon is too old to be a WWE Chairman. He should just step down now. Triple H had always been the most hated heel ever in WWE History. I think he would have made a better heel Chairman than Vince McMahon. Triple H could become the most hated Chairman ever. Not just that, since Triple H himself was a wrestler, he would know a lot more than Vince. I think Triple H would be better in managing talents and choosing the wrestlers who are deserving to get pushed.

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    The ground work for Hogan's heel turn was something that cannot really be planned out. The ground work was Hogan being the top face for a very long time. But the thing that probably will not happen again is the mindset of the viewer was changing during the NWO and Hogan's heel turn. See previously to the NWO. The fans cheered faces and booed heels for the most part. Hogan's heel turn came at the perfect time as society was moving more towards anti heros. Why that is important is it had never really been possible to take a beloved babyface and turn him into a beloved bad guy.

    They could attempt to do that again with Cena and they would have some success. The key would be to wait until Cena's younger fan base aged to the point where they are starting to turn away from the cookie cutter "Good Guy." However that is really hard to time and gauge. When it happened with Hogan it all just happened to fall right.

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    First of all John Cena can never turn heel,unless WWE finds someone who can make money for Vince more than Cena does.

    In a way John Cena is a heel right now, he is booed by more than half the crowd.(It's pure dislike for his stale character more than anything)

    Expect more fans to cheer for him when he turns heel.

    Whether it becomes more than a Hogan or SCSA heel turn.Yes and will probably depend on what he does to turn heel.

    BQ: No. I wish Shane Mcmahon was the Chairman..

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    Regarding Hulk Hogan, it'll have to be one of the most structured and devious turns in professional wrestling for Cena to top Hogan's. Hogan, like him or not, was the forefather of what we see today. Had it not been for Vince McMahon creating "Hulkamania", we'd probably be watching fifteen different wrestling promotions a week on local cable channels. Hogan was the "boom" behind putting wrestling on the radar. He connected to children and adults alike, did commercials and movies, probably did some volunteer work to help his image, and played the "American hero" role that no one could humanly dislike. When Eric Bischoff took the risk of turning him heel, it took "Hulkamania" off the map and enforced a new side of the "American hero". That, beyond all else, was easily one of the greatest heel turns of all time.

    Stone Cold's heel turn was a different cup of tea. He didn't play the role of the "American hero", nor did he do anything else that came with it. He was actually a polar opposite of Hogan but people around that time were much more immune to the new material (due to ECW and the Attitude Era implanting the idea of blood and cursing being a requirement in professional wrestling). The general audience at the time liked that shtick. Stone Cold turned heel not by changing his image, but by siding with the most hated man in the company, Vince McMahon. That's what honestly adjusted Stone Cold because in Hogan's era, he would've already been known as a heel.

    Twelve years later, the audience has been brainwashed into thinking those "favors" of blood, sex and cursing have been stolen because of WWE's recent PG-limited program. They refuse to watch anything outside of WWE (except for TNA, which according to them isn't good enough either). John Cena's family-friendly personality just doesn't fit their standards of what they "saw" in 1997-1999. It's too much wrestling for them.

    If John Cena were to turn heel, it'd be much more controversial than Stone Cold's but if he planned on topping Hulk Hogan, it would take a lot more hard work and a better angle.

    BQ: Probably. Trust me, when Vince McMahon steps down, he'll have a laundry list of things that he wants done immediately and in the future. He'll have an impact on wrestling even in retirement and eventual death. But, if that's not the case, than Triple H will have to input everything he knows from his prime in wrestling to surpass his father in law. He actually wrestled, unlike Vince McMahon (professionally), so that might be a helping factor. The tag team division has grown and the diva's division is supposedly said to expand in 2013, so that's a light at the end of the tunnel.

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    I'm not sure if John Cena will ever turn heel due to the amount of Charity volunteer work he does. I wish Shane McMahon would have stayed with the WWE. In my opinion, Shane would make a better Chairman than his Dad, HHH or Stephanie. Happy Holidays.

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    Maybe, if WWE pulled it off in a smart way!

    BQ: Triple H knows a little about wrestling so he has potential to be better than Vince!

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    Cena could never top either of those 2 turns because about 2/3rds of the audience already boos him.

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    Honestly, I cannot see it happening any time soon unless the business start to get rid of the 13 years old.

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