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Having wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow! Questions?

I'm having wisdom teeth surgery done tomorrow. I have four, impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed. I'm having IV sedation for the surgery. I'll be honest, I'm really nervous and I have a couple questions if anyone would like to help.

1) What's the procedure like?

2) What's being put under IV sedation like?

3) Do I wear my shoes during surgery?

4) How long does it take?

5) How long are you in recovery?

6) Do you wake up in pain?

7) When you do wake up, what's your mouth feel like?

8) Will the IV sedation keep me asleep during the whole procedure? (One of my main questions).

*Does any one have a personal experience to tell me?* Like everything that happened (the steps that occurred) when you had this done?

I think it'd definitely help the most to know a little of what to expect.

If you could answer one, any, or all of these questions, anthing would help. Any tips/info/advice for me?

Also, a personal story would really help!

I am sorry for all the questions. I had two knee surgeries done this summer, and I'm actually more nervous for this than I was about my knees. I know this happens to almost everyone and the oral surgeon does this thousands of times, but I'm feeling very anxious.

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

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    1. walk into the surgery room, sit down in the chair. They hook you up to monitors and check your blood pressure and run various baseline tests.

    2. They put the needle in your arm. Then you wake up.

    3. You can. although if you're uncomfortable with it you could probably take them off.

    4. my Surgeons predicted around an hour, but they finished mine in 45 minutes.

    5. 5 days minimum for recovery, although I got mine out almost a week ago and eating solid food is still a pain to do.

    6. You do not wake up in pain, you're still under affect of the General anesthesia, you will essentially be very loopy. You may have some pain once that wears off, but your escort should have your prescribed perpicots for you at this time. Don't take them on an empty stomach, they are very strong and should be taken with something in the stomach to avoid getting sick.

    7. You don' feel anything, I remember there was gauze in my mouth but i couldn't really feel it until the GA wore off.

    8. Yes. It will keep you asleep. as long as your surgeon is licensed, you can trust that they will do everything correctly.

    - I got mine out 6 days ago, I remember being a little nervous. It was bad weather, and we had to drive for 1 hour to our neighboring town because ours doesn't have a orthopedic surgeon. we got there, checked in, and then they called me back. I was calm, they laid me down in the chair and started hooking up monitors to me. checking my heartbeat, bloodpressure, all that stuff. Then the dentist came in, asked me some questions, and hooked the needle into my arm. I remember asking, "Is this going to knock me out?" and the next thing i remember is waking up.

    When I got home i felt a little nauseous after the GA wore off, but i took a protein drink and the inflammatory pill i got to prepare for the surgery. After I took a nap, i felt completely fine. not sick, not in pain. for the next 5 days, I would say the worst part is not being able to eat any solid food. I did not have any pain whatsoever, even though i took the ibuprofen to reduce swelling.

    Tips: Don't eat anything the prior to the surgery, bad news bears if you do that. Don't neglect your eating post surgery, it's important so you can keep your strength up. Ice the surgery site often, to keep the swelling down. and whenever you need, pop a pill if you're having pain.

    In all, don't be afraid! before you know it you'll be healed up and better than ever. Good luck!

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    IV sedation is just like falling asleep, it feels like 10 sec have passed and then the procedure is done and you are on a chair waking up :) not in the operating room though don't worry. I don't think it matters if you wear shoes or not but i would keep them on so it's not difficult putting them on after wards :P I think it takes an hour or so maybe? like i said it feels like 10 sec have passed lol. Recovery is different for everyone, i was completely fine after surgery and i was able to walk to the car by myself and i played video games when i got home lol. But, my sister was completely different. She started crying (which is a side effect of the pain killers) and she doesn't remember anything until she woke up at HOME... you won't feel the pain because of the pain killers so don't worry. I had it done about 3 years ago on christmas eve morning lol! nice christmas present right?? Get some meal replacement shakes before the surgery because you wont be able to eat for a few days so those will help you get nutrients and hopefully satisfy your hunger. Just don't drink it through a straw! Get some oral-b mouth wash and my mom got some antibacterial powder stuff that comes in little pouches in a box and those are good for when you need to clean your mouth. Extra gauze is always good too!

    Don't worry about it! it's a simple procedure done a billion times. Just sleep all day, and make sure you make a time table of when you need to take your pills. :D Good Luck!

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    A little information I think should be considered on the use of the drug Versed( midazolam) that is used for Sedation for many Dental and Medical procedures...

    I feel that if people were aware of the adverse effects of this drug they would Opt For Another Drug!

    Erasing someones memory of what was done to them is wrong!! I would much rather be put completely out, not just sleepy with memory impairment.

    In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation" Twilight Sedation, during a procedure are Awake For The Entire Procedure but remember nothing, often Believing They Were "Out" the whole time.

    Versed (Midazolam) is an amnestic. It is also commonly used for minor procedures like setting broken bones,colonoscopies,endoscopies, dental procedures like extractions,conscious sedation,twilight sleep, so that patients won't remember pain and discomfort.HOWEVER THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THOSE SENSATIONS WILL NOT BE EXPERIENCED!!!!Forgetting does not mean it did not happen!!

    Here is a note from a Dentist Who uses Versed

    I've used Versed 1000+ times during oral surgery procedures and I've never had a complaint. It's a miracle drug because it is safe and it causes you to not remember an unpleasant experience. My answer to him is isn't it better to have not experienced the pain than to have forgot it. No wonder you have had no complaints they have no memory of the procedure.....

    My wife had her broken bone(Femur)set in the emergency room just before surgery to repair it. They gave her versed and I waited outside of the room and could hear her screaming in pain,they did not appear to be concerned as they told me she would not remember anything and she did not. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT DID NOT HAPPEN AND THAT SHE DID NOT SUFFER

    A note from an anesthesiologist

    The other way is to have an anesthesiologist/anaesthetist give you sedation with propofol, which actually is a quick general anesthetic given IV. Instead of just taking away your memory of the procedure, propofol provides actual anesthesia, so that you don't feel the scope going through your guts.

    You should request an anesthesiologist, you almost always can get one. In the center where I work, you always get one, and many gastroenterologists work with anesthesiologists because it's much easier for them to do the scoping when the patient is still, instead of writhing and moaning.

    Amnesia does not take place for all patients!!!!!

    Listen carefully when a Doctor tells a patient they should have a colonoscopy they are told you won't remember anything and not you will not feel anything.

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