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I want to get Joi tattooed on my wrist?

Joi, is my middle name. Its pronounced Joy. It's also French. I want to get it tattooed small on my wrist. I'd either get in another language or a beautiful font in English. If I were to get it in another language which one? Would it hurt too bad? It does have meaning. Not just a random crappy tattoo.

Thanks in advance

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    I think, I would prefer it in English with a nice calligraphy font from this site:

    It won't hurt very much; feels a bit like a bee-sting; not fun, but very bearable and with such a small tattoo it will be over very quickly. You'll be fine!

  • 8 years ago

    Find it in a pretty script or something. I really suggest not doing it in a language that's not your own. You'd be surprised by how offensive that is to some people. I like the idea, it's a beautiful middle name.

    Could you answer mine. No one else is on:


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