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What program should I use to realistically simulate car crashes ?

Do you know what software has been used to make this video ?

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Is there an easier way to do so ?

PS. I have already tried vcrash and Rigs of Rods.

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    8 years ago
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    Well I would suggest using a game engine i know what your thinking, game engines are used for games. NO! Not only that, but many non-game companies have used game engines to make animations and make simulate things and so much more. Look up on google "game engine with integrated car physics". Then download that and maybe look up some online tutorials on how to make it work better. Game engines can look very daunting but they are very easy to use. Most likely, he used a game engine.

  • 4 years ago

    are you speaking approximately real existence vehicle crash? Or like, CG crash? hire a CG/physics engine programmer to simulate a vehicle crash for you. otherwise, you're caught paying for a vehicle and enables and a stunt motive force to simulate the crash.

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