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Incentive schedule for a human Google Adwords manager?

What is the usual (or, better, most logical) incentive/payment schedule for a HUMAN Adwords manager? One idea I had is using CONVERSION data, following a trial period together. Goes like this: Invididual gets login access to your Adwords for, say, a week or less during which BOTH parties can see your baseline sales. This baseline (ie before the hire) will be the point FROM WHICH % conversion INCREASES or DECREASES (eg a sliding scale) will be determined, and therefore their incentive/payment schedule.

EXAMPLE: your baseline conversions average 1%. So, from there, you set your pay schedule:

1.2% = hiree gets 5% more than his base rate.

1.4% = hiree gets 7% more than his base rate.

These are examples only.

What do you think? LOOKING FOR BETTER/smarter version of this??? And, is there a better version of this system? Obviously we would never use CTR, since the programmer would just keep clicking our ad. System that makes the most sense wins best answer thanks.


jake-thanks but assume all the kw stuff is done. Looking for additional responses.

Update 2:


"a better validation script that gives less conversions but more sales"??? I'm CONFUSED.

Why should you get more money than a percent based on CONVERSIONS?

I GUESS (?) you're saying "PERFORMANCE" is the dollar amount OF those conversions??? If so, then why should YOU benefit from what products sell? It's us/the company that should benefit from our own product spectrum. You have nothing to do (sorry if I'm not understanding you but your wording was ambiguous) with which items someone buys. If I'm wrong, please correct me. I mean the OBVIOUS interpretation of what you're saying (still not convincing though) is that you would "PUSH" (more appealing ads) the ads for more EXPENSIVE products (yeah, we wouldn't mind) than less expensive ones (giving you basically a "COMMISSION" type job). However, that may be a problem (again, assuming my interpretation of the

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    8 years ago
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    Conversions != Revenue.

    Conversions are good but why not tie performance to revenue? Say like a 5% bonus based on all revenue that comes through the PPC channel. This allows creativity and flexibility on part of the PPC manager (perhaps he implements a better validation script that results in less conversion but higher sales.

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  • Karen
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    5 years ago

    Well, as someone who makes said greetings cards. That means on average it will cost you 1.50 for every sale. Will you make any profit? On top of that you could get a dry run. How much will you be charging for postage and packaging? Some people don't want to pay a fair rate. What about stock? How much stock will you carry? Will you be making to order? You need to look at some peoples business sites and investigate the marketing methods that they are using. Can think of plenty of other questions but it is not really approprate to discuss your putative business in this forum. beond the superficial level.

  • Jake
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    8 years ago

    Sure some commission system similar to salesman commissions makes sense, one additional consideration is whether they receive any longer benefits for their longer lasting contributions, like developing and grading an expanded keyword set, discovering higher performing publisher sites.

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