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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 8 years ago

I'm baptist but I want to go to a Roman Catholic high school.?

I'm not very happy with my current public high school. I want to go to a private all-girl Catholic academy. But i'm baptist. Are non-catholics treated differently at catholic school. Should I switch?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Many non-Catholic parents send their kids to Catholic schools, just for the superior quality of education and the far better code of behavior. Non-Catholics are not treated any differently - which of course means that you would be expected to participate in the classes concerning specifically Catholic and biblical teaching. The students at our local Catholic high school are almost 20% non-Catholic.

    Source(s): Catholic deacon
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    8 years ago

    It depends on the school really. Kids can be mean. You may find bullies.

    My friend Fr. Marty runs a Catholic school. It's wonderful. They have kids of all faiths and all walks of life. From the very rich, to those so poor they live with their parents in tiny bungalows on the campus. Yet everyone gets along great. Their college acceptance is really high too.

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    8 years ago

    Im Baptist, first off I recommend looking for a Baptist school or home school church. but if you are strong in the Word of God say you may have some problems with a Catholic school and if you are not may cause some problems in your understanding. First I would pray for help from God and ask your pastor about it. I my self would go to the public school and walk a Christian life. but ether is hard in this day and time.

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    5 years ago

    in case you truly have self assurance in all that then do no longer even evaluate your self Christian... in any respect. in case you suspect interior the saints and pray to them, no protestant denomination will prefer you. All christian denominations have self assurance abortion and homosexuality is morally incorrect and sinful, because it truly is Cahtolic doctrine, and for protestants... nicely it truly is needless to say interior the bible too. you won't be in a position to constantly leap to a end that dying row (no longer "dying throe") is the only punishment. that means that peopleconvicted of manslaughter would desire to be positioned to dying, even nonetheless they killed on an accident. some are truly repentant, and are forgiven via the families of their victims. you won't be in a position to be too hasty approximately issues like that. you will desire to truly take a seat and variety your center ideals out guy, in view which you sound very at a loss for words. the actual incontrovertible fact that your mothers and fathers are not very religious is a important ingredient in view that they needless to say weren't waiting that can assist you you out alongside the way. And relating to Benedict XVI and how he would desire to have "completed some thing" approximately being interior the Hitler infants, he did... via no longer attending their conferences.

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