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Plz help! anybody dogs eye spe. Doctor?

It's cold weather young brother coloured my dogs hair to look pretty and bath him,after colouring the dog, he(dog) began to itch his eyes but till now no problem appeared to tention.i poured a human(not expired)drop into his eyes then he rapidly started to itch his i was afraid of his eyes swelling out of and his eyeball became he blind now,is it becoz of colour,cold or eye drop?he is poor street dog and we are also not able to go to doctor so plz,becoz of our parents. they were already against us for dog.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    So why you did this to the dog? Do you want to crucify him or what? First color him than putting eye drops in his eye. If you can't afford an vet doc for him than leave him alone. I understand your parents that they won't let you have a dog if you're doing such strange things to him..

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