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Begginer piano/keyboard player?

Im new to playing the piano, is there any tips you guys can give me? And also when i press a note with my pinky my ring finger also preses down subconcously. Is there a way to stop this or will it develop the muscles as i play?

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    Hi Dick.

    Although there are loads of online websites which would keep on yapping about the piano(origin, construction, working, notes, etc.), but the most straight forward, apt and up to the mark website which I have found is this:

    After going through with everything in that page, all you need to do is practice.

    Now, you cannot just pick up any piece from the cupboard and start playing it, can you? You might get demoralised if you'll be unable to play the more intricate or complex ones.

    Here is a page you can go through which has a list of piano pieces listed from beginner to intermediate to expert.

    I highly recommend you to go trough that list. Although if you want, you can pick a few of your favourite ones you know too.

    The page has also a few tips and guides to enhance your piano experience.

    Play, practice, and you'll become an expert in no time.

    Take care.

    P.S. Even the experts in playing piano have that kind of a problem, to which they overcome by playing the key with another finger. Try to find your own trick.

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    I'm no professional pianist, but I can say after scales or scale fragments, my pinky and ring fingers became more controlled.

    Good luck!

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