Margaret Atwood and characters?

Any influences from Atwood's childhood with the main protagonist from her novel "Oryx and Crake"

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  • 7 years ago
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    In my opinion, as an author, Atwood wrote the novel as she thought it should be. Her books have various female characters all of which share some sort of ultra strong female ideals, but conform to a current role in order to fit in with society at large. With "Oryx and Crake" society at large is basically nuts so the main character is a more calm, moral standard while the other characters are from idealistic or ignorant back grounds. Tommy/Snowman's mother for example has the morals of a human being, but his father is the typical only business type and doesn't know to talk to his son well. That would fit the description of most house holds these days.

    I see some influence from her father in the way Oryx and Tommy's father act, but that's about it. This was an amazing idea and fantastic story so I see it as just that.

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