Irresistible me hair extensions?

Are the Irresistible me hair extension good ones because some people tell me yes but I read a YouTube comment that they said people who make reviews different types ? So I'm just confused and need help is these are good quality extensions, please & thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is part of the trillion dollar business. Of course NOT!

    I also do not recommend them, specially if you've got thin or thinning hair, trying to grow hair or Afri-Amer. They will only make your hair thinner or hair falls.

    May 22, 2011: Model and businesswoman Katie Price, who was formerly topless model Jordan, is demanding compensation from a top Los Angeles hair salon after she spent $17,000 on hair colourings and extensions that she claims were botched, leaving her hair so damaged it began falling out.

    "Hair extensions can cause some damage to your real hair," says Placid Braganza, a design artiste. "Since they are attached using thermal heat, knotting, braiding or gluing, they can hamper hair roots or even break, split or burn hair strands if not done carefully," he adds.

    Published 8-10-12: Even supermodels have bad hair days, but from the looks of this recent photo, Naomi Campbell appears to be dealing with something far worse.

    A photo of the 42-year-old beauty vacationing in Ibiza earlier this week shows what appears to be a receding hairline.

    Florida hair surgeon Dr. Alan Bauman, who has not treated Campbell, said the former supermodel appears to be suffering from traction alopecia — hair loss due to extensions.

    “Extensions, weaves, anything artificial hanging on hair — no matter whether you attach it with glue, special magnets, tape — it’s going to cause damage over time,” Bauman told “And unless you give your hair a break from those extensions, it won’t rebound.”

    Bonding: Bonding or gluing is a temporary weaving method and usually involves longer hair wefts.

    Plus points: This method is quick to do.

    Red flags: Hair extensions attached by this method do not last too long.

    Clip-on hair extensions give you a change of look without damaging your natural hair. "They are easy and quick to apply; usually taking five to seven minutes," says beauty expert, Sylvia Chen. "Moreover, in case you're not very comfortable, you can immediately pull them out," she adds.

    Red flags: These clip-on hair extensions need to be removed before you go to bed. You cannot sleep or swim with these. So you may not want to opt for them if you're planning to wear them on a daily basis; you'd have to follow the routine of attaching them every morning and removing them before sleeping. Moreover, they may also lead to hair breakage while removing the clips; some even tend to tangle and fall apart after a few days.

    Traction alopecia is hair loss that occurs as a result of continuous pulling of the hair. Pulling may occur from hairstyles such as tight cornrows, plaits or braids with or without extensions, weaves, ponytails or even hair rollers or curlers. Natural hairstyles can also lead to traction alopecia as well. Long heavy locks and tightly coiled twists can lead to traction alopecia. The hair loss associated with traction alopecia typically occurs at the frontal hairline, at the temples or the area of the scalp above the ears. It may also occur at the posterior hairline.

    Watch: Good Hair a documentary by Chris Rock 2009 on BET or HBO. According to Tyra Banks, 80% of the black population are part of the billion dollar hair industry. Clips on youtube videos, also.

    Example from YA!

    So for a long time I wanted hair extensions. After a lot of research, I decided to get hairdreams hair extensions. I have blonde curly hair that is just past shoulder length, and when I went for my consultation a few days ago I asked if I should get curly extensions. The woman said that she didn't think so, but she could perm them before I got them, but she didn't think she would need to.

    I got them put in yesterday, and they straightened my hair to put them in. This morning I wet all my hair and the extension hair, because I wanted to see how it would look curly. Long story short, I have straight extensions bonded into my curly hair. I really don't like the way it looks, I tried scrunching it, I tried everything I possibly could without using heat on my hair, because my hair is really damaged and I don't like using heat on it.

    I want the extensions taken out. I really don't like the way they look, I should've thought about it more before jumping right in to getting them put in. Do you think I would be able to get my money back? They were really expensive and I feel like I just wasted my money.

    Source(s): Google: Worst Celebrity Wigs & Weaves.
  • 8 years ago

    my friend uses them and she says they work well and have not given her much trouble but all i can say is try them for yourself because everyone is different i don't use hair extensions because my hair is long by it's self that and im a natural red head and they don't really make extensions in a natural red color.

    Source(s): my friend uses them she loves them
  • 7 years ago

    do not buy them i just bought them and im so disappointed! buy luxy ive purchased those and loved them! i figured id try something new but i hate them!

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