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Should I throw out my Alaskan Northern Lights 10 000 stand on junk day?

I live in Australia. It cost heaps to have the light and stand imported here. I couldn't work out how to set up the stand so the light is secure despite following instructions as best I can. I realised I can put the light box on my stand up pc desk on some books above my pc and use it that way.

The only disadvantage is that I can't tilt it to reduce the glare (I didn't have a stand up pc desk at the time I ordered).

Should I keep the stand in case I or someone else works out how to assemble it later on?

Here is the link. I got the Floor Stand Combo Light Special


2 Answers

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    Keep the stand in case one day you figure it out.

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  • 8 years ago

    You should keep the stand.

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