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請問有哪位大大知道那部電影播完時 片尾那首蠻嘻哈的歌是哪位歌手唱的 以及歌名叫什麼呢

我查過的是預告片 就是男主角被外星人打飛時放的那首 但我說的不是那一首 我個人較喜歡整場電影播完後唱的那首

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    巡邏驚很大 OST

    Centerfold By J. Geils Band

    You ain't seen nothing yet By Bachman

    I got mine By The Black Keys

    People are strange by The Doors

    Straight outta compton by NWA

    The Next Episode by Dr. Dre feat.Snoop Doggy dogg

    Ante Up by MOP

    Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

    The Sound of Silence theme

    Sailing by Christopher Cross

    Boyz and the Hood by Eazy E

    Bad Habits by The old nationals

    The Keepers by Santigold

    Make it last forever by Keath sweat

    Beamer,benz or bentley by lloyd Banks

    All things aside by Erika jane

    You and tequila by Deana carter

    Sweet thing by Rufus feat.Chaka khan

    Good Good Night by Roscoe dash


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