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I cannot handle my parents?

My parents are divorced. These are my problems with them both:

Dad: He's constantly telling me what to do, and not nicely. For example, I'll get up to throw something in the trash and he'll go, "throw that in the trash!"..... is that really necessary? What else did he think I was going to do with it??? That's just one example.... and he constantly picks on me for everything I'm not good at that he wishes I was, (sports, being confident and talking to people, getting PERFECT grades). I'm better at art than sports, and he doesn't even care about my art. I told him I wanted to be a photographer when I'm older and he laughed and started going off about how I won't have enough money..blah blah blah..... and the confidence thing? Maybe I wouldn't have low self esteem if people encouraged me sometimes??? And grades, I make A's and B's which is pretty good. Just today he was going off about how I make "bad" grades on purpose? What the heck?? Why would I do that??? And he never says sorry for anything he says. I'm pretty sure he uses money instead of words...

Mom: She lives in another state, and I don't see her a lot because I kind of don't want to. I hate the guy she's married to and that family has nothing to do with me. I don't fit in there. She's constantly making me feel guilty for it, too. Also, she makes me feel guilty about money. I just turned 16 and I was thinking she could help pay for my insurance if my dad got me a car, but she goes off for the thousandth time with her sob story about how she can't afford it etc etc...but she had no problem helping pay for my step-brothers actual car that he got on his 16th birthday. Also, his college (he dropped out.....) and my step-sister's car insurance and college too. Another thing, she treats me like a baby. She texts me like 20 times a day and gets mad if I don't reply.....

I feel like if my parents would stop constantly criticizing my every move and making me feel guilty for like everything....then I would feel a lot better about myself. I don't know, I've tried not caring, but it doesn't work... I'm getting to the point where I think I might be depressed, I feel sad all the time, and I'm always wondering what's the point? you know? sigh. so yeah if you have any advice or stories about your parents please feel free to share. thankssss.

(Ugh, sorry I've been asking so many family questions, my family is screwed up.)

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    OMG I know pretty much exactly what you're going through ._. my family is completely screwed up, like you have no idea! I really wish I could help you :// I know how horrible it feels :| I have fallen in and out of depression for about a year now. It's a horrible, horrible feeling. Just saying, please don't do anything that you'll regret because of this! Also, confidence is a huge issue in today's society... My parents put me down a lot too, honestly don't listen to their negativity... Its just from stress (at least I think so) and self pity. They honestly probably have NOTHING against you, it's just their own issues they are dealing with and they're taking it out on the only person thats there? That wouldn't try to hurt them? That actually loves them? I'm not quite sure since I don't know your exact situation and I don't actually know what's going on in your life and your relationship with your parents. But anyway... If you want to talk ever, because I know from personal experience that this could lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harming, or even just a burning hatred for everyone and everything and endless pain (woah getting deep there XD) please feel free to email me :) (AND IF ANY RANDOM STRANGERS SEE THIS ._. DONT FREAKING EMAIL ME YOU PERVS •_• I JUST WANNA HELP PEOPLE I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOUR H0RNY SH!TZ O_O Ill just block you if you're a h0rny freak... Just saying...)

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    There's a reason they call it "self" esteem. I understand it's difficult when you have the people closes to you criticizing you but you need to learn to feel good about yourself. Some people aren't confident, no big deal. Stick to your art and do what you like to do.

    The best thing to do with your parents is ignore them. Try getting a part time job maybe, with that you could save up for a car and easily afford some basic insurance.

    My parents got divorced like a year and a half ago. My mom is a little passive-aggressive and would always complain about my dad until I started just not talking to her, now she doesn't do that.

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    honey, this is really hard because every kid really does want to make his parents proud. the problem with your father is that you either remind him of all the things that he doesn't like about himself, or he looks at you and sees all the things that made his wife leave. Either way you can't win in getting his approval right now. Your grades are ok, so don't worry too much about that , Your mother is calling all the time because she knows she abandoned you and is trying to alleviate her guilt and still keep you tied. So, what is a kid to do? get involved in as many clubs and organizations at school as you can. Look for leadership opportunities in those organizations, because that is going to be your key to good self esteem, keeping you out of the house for a good reason, meeting other kids who are going through similar situations and making contacts with service opportunities that are going to be tickers on your college applications. Your focus now needs to be getting great grades so the colleges are going to want you, and so you can get the heck out of there when you are 18 or 19. so do your best, work harder and pursue that art career if that is your passion. The best revenge is being successful and happy even if that means doing it without your parents backing. I wish you peace.

    Source(s): My father told me when I was 16 that no one would ever love me....guess what? He was 100 wrong and so is your dad. :)
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    You need to believe in yourself. You know how your parents say you won't be good at doing what you love? I bet that doesn't make you feel good. The best way to get revenge is to achieve your dream of being a photographer, and become such a good photographer that you can say, "Look how good I am, and you said I'd never do it! HA PROVED YOU WRONG BITCHES!!" (Okay leave that last sentence out) Find friends online who have similar interests, and talk about life, exchange pictures, Skype, ect.

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    Try to get a part time job. Start saving money so you can move out on your own as soon as you turn 18 (even if it's only a rented room somewhere.)

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    your family is not screwed up

    no more or less then anyone else's family

    you make a choice to work on your self-esteem

    you make a choice how you want to get out of bed

    you make a choice on how you want to live (or not live) your life

    they are not responsible for you or your personal happiness

    you are


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