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Jane asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 8 years ago

What is the name of that movie?

So my sister and I are trying our hardest to remember the name of one really old movie (at least 9 years old) and these are the scenes which we remember from it:

In the opening scene there is a black train in the night and the moon in the sky and it was going somewhere and we dont know where.

Then there was this scene where lots of people and one old man gathered together to watch one very unique flower open up because it happens very very rarely and one boy ruined everything... I don't remember exactly how.

After somewhere in the middle of the movie one guy was setting up traps in the house against the bad guys and one of them was a woman with freakishly long red nails, and one man who rang on the door bell and there was a needle.

The last scene we remember is the ending scene with a big photo copy machine photocopying the woman's face.

Ok that's all we remembered and would relly appreciate any help :D

P.S. sorry for the mistakes... can't be bothered to correct them


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  • 8 years ago
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    Dennis the Menace (1993)

    Dennis, everyone's favorite kid from the comics is back. When his parents have to go out of town, he stays with Mr and Mrs Wilson. The little menace is driving Mr Wilson crazy. But Dennis is just trying to be helpful -- even to the thief (Christopher Lloyd) he bumps into.

    There's a scene in which Mr. Wilson and a group of fellow gardeners are anxiously waiting for a rare flower to open but Dennis makes Mr. Wilson miss the moment.


    Walter Matthau -- Mr Wilson

    Mason Gamble -- Dennis Mitchell

    Joan Plowright -- Martha Wilson

    Christopher Lloyd -- Switchblade Sam

    Lea Thompson -- Alice Mitchell

    Robert Stanton -- Henry Mitchell

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