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What are the current ammo prices for 9mm, .40, .45 acp, and .38 special?

Forgive me for my lack of knowledge on pistol ammo as have only dealt with rifles, shotguns, and rimfires. I'm going to get a handgun but I need to know ammo prices becuase I need to be able to practice without a lot of money. What is the price of a box (50 rounds) of FMJ or the cheapest non corrosive ammo for each? I'm guessing 9MM is the cheapest but its a little on the small side for me.

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    Three of these calibers work in a semi-auto handgun, and one works in a revolver. (Although there are a few revolvers that will shoot semi-auto ammo, I'm not going to go off topic).

    In the semi autos, 9mm is the cheapest. You're looking at roughly $12-$15 for a box of 50

    .40 S&W will cost more, about $15-18 for a box of 50.

    .45 ACP will cost the most, about $18-22 for a box of 50.

    In a revolver, the .38 Special will run you about $15-$18 for a box of 50.

    Of course all of this varies based on the weight of the bullet, the brand, the quantity (buy in bulk if you can) and where you buy them. Wal-Mart is often the cheapest, but the sales at D**ks sometimes are good. I reload most of my ammunition, so my cost per round is much lower. You'll usually find the best deals online, at least until some federal law is passed prohibiting online ammunition sales.

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    Get a Glock 22 or 23; any one would be firing 15-16 .Forty S&W 155 gr Gold Dot hole point bullets. Additionally a Glock 21 fires up to 14 .Forty five ACP 185 JHP bullets. The .45 ACP is slower than the .Forty S&W, so it can be much less likely to overpenetrate (I doubt if the .Forty S&W would overpenetrate both). If you're into revolvers, I propose you employ a .38 targeted difficult cast wadcutter bullets fired from a GP100 .357 revolver. A pal of mine stated he uses .Forty four designated bullets Winchester Silver pointers 200 gr for residence safeguard, and that i believe his alternative. As for the 9 mm, my father uses a semi-auto with 9 rounds for home and individual safeguard too, however i do not take into account my father a notable involving this challenge. Good good fortune!

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    40 Cal Ammo Prices

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    9MM for target ammo 'FMJ' is running from 10.00 to 15.00 a box of 50 rounds, depending on what ammo brand your shooting. 38 and 40cal are running from 12.00 to 18.00 a box depending on the brand as well. I LIKE "LAWMAN" IN 180 grain for a 50 round box runs 15.00 a box. Remington hollow points in 9MM for a 50 round box at Walmart ran last week for only 14.22 a box. If you buy Tuammo which is steal cased ammo "FMJ bullet" 50 round box around 8.99 to 10.99 a box. If you use Tulammo then plan on cleaning after every range session. "Dirth Ammo" It is steal cased ammo and is hard on pistols as well. Fine in say a AK-47. Can get it even cheaper if you buy by the case or in bulk of any brand ammo.

    Source(s): I Buy ammo often. Usally every two weeks and shoot often, 2 to 3 times a week.
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    Your best bet would probably be to just buy reloaded ammo from a local gun shop in your area. Atleast you won't have to pay for shipping too. You should get into reloading your own ammo. I have been doing that for years. Prices are all different everywhere. Even buying reloaded ammo is getting expensive. You could also check out local gun shows in your area. They sell bulk ammo at those places and you can get pretty good deals.

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    Check the website. CheaperThanDirt!

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