What did everyone think of Robert Zemeckis' "Fight"?

I went in with virtually no expectations, even though the cast is great, and the director is one of the best of all-time (arguably).

I was fairly surprised that it turned out to be a fantastic film. Denzel Washington gave one hell of a performance, and I'm routing for him come Oscar night. The use of the Rolling Stones' music was great, John Goodman gave a really hammy performance, but it was a lot of fun, Bruce Greenwood and Don Cheadle both killed it, and breakout Kelly Reilly is definitely someone to look out for. The religion aspect could have been a bit more subtle, but it didn't hurt the film.

Overall, this was a perfect live-action comeback for Zemeckis.

BQ: Actor, actress, and director you see breaking out in 2013?



Thanks Tamara! Lol.

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    Hey MQ, I haven't seen the film yet but if I do anytime soon- I'll edit. Not gonna lie though, I'm properr keen now after reading so many good reviews on it, especially since zemeckis's recent movies have been, well, ****. As for lead actor predictions, i'm sure denzel was great but i can't help think how wonderful would it be if jean-louis trintignant got nominated. :) Who knows maybe i'll change my mind after i see flight.

    BQ- Well I think it's been Dane DeHaan's breakout year with Chronicle, Lincoln (not seen), Lawless (didn't care much for this movie but his minor role stood out) and The Place Beyond the Pines. But next year should be big with his upcoming role as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-man and Atom Egoyan's The Devil's Knot (the premise of this movie sounds very creepy). Also, isn't that how chastain and jennifer lawrence's careers have been? It follows a trend of minor, supporting roles in critically acclaimed films after their debut performances and now they're both seriously being considered for best lead actress this year. I'm sure they've been lucky too but they've been very smart in their film choices so far.

    Another actress to watch is Elizabeth Olsen who's also gonna be co-starring with Dane DeHaan in one of his upcoming films, also going to be in Spike Lee's Oldboy (which I don't think should be made but eh worth a mention). She's someone to watch I think. Brit Marling too!

    EDIT: Watched 'Flight' last night. I didn't really lovee the movie but it's still a really effective thriller nonetheless and a lot's got to do with Whip. Denzel's character reminded me of the one he played in 'Unstoppable' but in Flight he's much more complex and flawed, played in his typical charismatic ways being the "hero; saving everyone". Kelly Reilly was fantastic too!!! I couldn't remember where I'd seen her in the beginning (Pride & Prejudice), but I especially liked how near-perfect her American accent was.

    I’ve seen almost every Denzel movie there is to see and I’ve gotta say that while this might not be the best Denzel movie, it is definitely one of his best if not the best performance to date. I'd be rooting for him Oscar night too, if Jean-Louis Trintignant didn't end up getting nominated. :)

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    I havent seen it

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