Black Ops 2 PC or XBox?

So for Christmas I wanna get BO2, but I dunno what system to get it for.

I have an XBox and a PC, that's it.

I'll do a pro and con chart of what I think, you guys help me with the rest and final decision please :)



- Better match joining as more people play it

- No lag as XBox will remain fully supported

- I have some skill on XBox


- Limited play as the XBox is in my brother's room downstairs

- I need glasses so I can see the screen

- Mic is broken so I can't do zombies and/or tell people to shut up and/or chat

- Children

- My brother deleting any friends I make



- Unlimited play

- Decent amount of skill

- A mic to chat with

- Friends to chat with

- No annoying children


- Apparently the matchmaking sucks

- Not 100% supported

- I don't think there's a lot of mic users

Yea. Please add on and help me make my final choice. Thanks :)

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    If you're looking to have a fun time with friends, I would buy an Xbox mic and play with my friends there. If your brother deletes the friends you add, ask him to stop politely or he will have will refuse in jubilation time and time again. On Xbox, people are 90% in an Xbox live party unless you play a game mode that forbids it. Kids are normally not an issue. If you find they are, simply mute them. The limited play seems to be a problem, though. There is definitely less lag and such too.

    If you want to play as much as you want despite the fact that you'll be barely able to socialise and that lag may be more predominant than on Xbox, go for PC. You'll definitely lag a lot if you have a laptop. Even then, most PCs can't keep up with computer games and will give you a poor frame rate.

    Up to you. Me, I go for Xbox. Your brother seems to be a problem though. If you're able to deal with that, you'll have a good time. If not, I predict many fights and frustrations between you and him. Try to make him agree upon turn-play and he doesn't delete your friends, then I encourage you to go for it. Otherwise, go for PC, it'll save you a lot of hassle.

  • 7 years ago


    It's as supported as the Xbox is, except for Elite, gets all the same dlc a bit later.

    There are a lot of mic users as long as you use start talking, you almost always get a response back.

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