Upgrade Video Card, Or Trash It?

P4 3.2


EVGA NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512mb GPU 98

Dual Monitor Desktop

Win XP Media Center PRO 32-bit SP3

12 Mbps AT&T U-verse broadband

So, my computer is old, and had been running slower and slower, and freezing up regularly, with the CPU staying at, or near 100%, and the fan on the video card running much of the time (all of the time when the computer freezes up for minutes at a time)

I figured it was time for a new one, so I've been speccing one out, but money is REALLY tight right now, so the budget is minimal.

In the meantime, out of curiosity, I went to pchelpforum.com to see if anything could be done to improve my current computer's performance in the meantime.

A week of their working with me later, and WOW! The difference is amazing. The fact is, it has never run this well, and apparently, there is still more to be done.

The only problem I'm still having is slightly jerky video playback. When it gets jerky, the audio distorts, as well.

According to Windows Task Manager, my memory usage never goes above 2.0 GB, and very seldom gets there, so I don't think the issue is RAM.

Also according to the Windows Task Manager, my CPU use is WAAYYYY down. Previously, at idle, with no programs open, it showed 30-50% usage. Open a couple of Google Chrome tabs, and it shot up to 80-100%. Now, with nothing open, CPU usage is between 0-3%. Open a couple of Chrome Tabs and it still doesn't go above 50%. I have 7 Chrome tabs open right now, along with MS Office, Freecell, and Speccy, and it sits around 13% usage, occasionally jumping up to 40%, or so.

The only time it gets dicey is when I watch youtube videos, or online TV shows/movies. When I do so, the CPU usage jumps to 80-100%, and when it stays at 100% for awhile, the fan on the video card comes on. During this process, the video begins to get jerky, and if the fan stays on for a long time, the computer will eventually start freezing up. Watching Speccy, I see the fan comes on when the temp exceeds 51 C (it normally stays around 49 C).

With the exception of the video playback, the improvements in my computer's performance are more than acceptable. If I could find a way to bring the video performance up to the level of the rest of the system, I could see myself getting another 6-months to a year's use out of my current computer, allowing me to get out of my current financial bind, and have more budget to work with on my upgrade.

I'm wondering if a video card upgrade would help? If I could spend 50-60 bucks there, and get 6-months or more out of my rig, it would be well worth it to me.

Here is the card I believe I have: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6814130313

Here are the currebt video card specification from Speccy:

GeForce 8400 GS


Device ID 10DE-06E4

Revision A2

Subvendor EVGA (3842)

Technology 65 nm

Die Size 86 nm?

Release Date 2008

DirectX Support 10.0

DirectX Shader Model 4.0

OpenGL Support 3.0

Bus Interface PCI Express x16

Temperature 49 °C

SLI Disabled

GPU Clock 567 MHz

Memory Clock 400 MHz

Driver nv4_disp.dll

Driver version

ForceWare version 310.70

BIOS Version

ROPs 4

Shaders 16 unified

Memory 512 MB

Bus Width 64 Bit

Pixel Fillrate 2.3 GPixels/s

Texture Fillrate 4.5 GTexels/s


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    7 years ago
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    Thank you Mr. Super Wall O'text

  • 7 years ago

    Just upgrade

    Here is your new system configuration

    Intel i5 3570k Processor

    Corsair H100 Water Cooling System

    Corsair 16GB Ram

    Corsair 600T Special Edition Cabinet

    ASUS AMD/ATI HD 7770 Graphic Card

    ASUS P8H67-M Evo Motherboard

    It's gamer's choice

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Just how old is your computer? Your GPU clock is waaay below average, and the memory clock is about ten times slower than a modern card. It's not even compatible with PCI-E 2.0, the latest version is 3.0. I would say, DEFINITELY upgrade it.

    Source(s): NVidia website quoted specs compared to Radeon HD7850.
  • 3 years ago

    positioned up extra info approximately your gadget. Like style and style numbers of computing device and ram velocity and video card style. appears like if it worked wonderful in the previous and it is not now it does not be a hardware concern. in case you positioned up a extra specific description of what is going on then somebody can assist you.

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  • 7 years ago

    throw it in the bin

    get this its good for movie watching and has 8 gb of ram and 1tb hd has the best intergrated graphics as the intergrated graphics is on the cpu die its like a small graphic card and has 4 cores


    it can be improved more impeformance cheaply for another 110 dollars if needed if want to know how email me

  • 7 years ago

    trash it,you need a whole you setup.

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