Side mirror in a car question?

So yesterday I looked out the window towards the side mirror, I saw the the bus sign "not in service", i looked away and looked back and it became inverted and the letters were backwards (as you would expect), any idea why I saw the "not in service" normally in the first place?


could it be the convex surface on the side of the mirror? like the area used for blindspots which inverted it?

Update 2:

also.. it was an electric sign, and it does seem logical that i saw a reflection of a reflection, iirc there was a car behind me then there wasn't.

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    There are a number of explanations for what you experienced. As mentioned by the previous answerer, one explanation is that your mind is playing tricks on you, however I think that is unlikely,

    yllamron siht daer uoy sselnu

    A more reasonable explanation may be that the sign was an electronic sign and some vehicles display signs which are legible in their reflection (for example emergency vehicles often have their purpose (Ambulance, Police, Fire) displayed in this manner. The bus may have such a facility such that their sign can display information normally or in a reflective state at the flick of a switch by the driver. You just happened to catch the sign in one state upon first viewing and then in the other state upon second viewing. If the sign on the bus was not electronic, then this explanation would not be valid.

    A further explanation is that what you saw first was another reflection of the bus sign in the reflection of your side mirror, thus the sign was reversed twice. The other reflection may not have been obviously from another mirror if you could not see how the other mirror was mounted (for example another car's side mirror).

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    You saw what you expected to see. The brain is remarkable.

    When you read my answer you rarely read each letter of each word. You read the general idea and from the size and pattern of words your brain thinks it knows what they are.

    Frequently I have a laugh when my first view reads something that is funny from a statement.

    If for example a politician writes" I support giving money to the needy" but I read " I support giving money to the greedy "

    The brain substituted a word that it thought to be appropriate and I found the result amusing.

    Now your brain expected to see "not in service" and it inverted the pattern it saw so that is what you THOUGHT you saw.

    On closer inspection you discover the truth.

    So just remember .... Don't believe everything you see or read.

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