Gamestop Gift cards used on steam?

Ok, so i was given a 25$ gamestop giftcard. Im wondering can i just go to the Steam code redeem card and use a gamestop gift card on it or do i need to go buy a Steam Gift Card?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You need to go to a Gamestop and trade in that card for a Steam Wallet card of the same value.

  • 5 years ago

    In the event you purchase a DLC code online then Gamestop will e mail it to you. Which you can also purchase PSN playing cards in an effort to be physically mailed to you or that you may simply get the code with a view to once more be emailed to you.

  • 8 years ago

    You need to buy a steam code from Gamestop. They sell them in $20 and $50 flavors. I think they only sell them in-store though.

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