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My hair wont dye back. Hair color. Hair Dye. Hair Help!?

So I was in a play. And They asked me to dye my hair darker. I told them okay. I am naturally a blonde. They wanted a really dark dark brown color. So I dyed it a really really dark brown color. It almost looked black. After a few weeks you could tell it wasn't black but it was still DARK! Well the play is over and i tried dyeing my hair a lighter brown. It didn't change at all. So i tired again last night and it looks like 1 shade lighter and at the roots it looks Little lighter. I didn't wanna let it grow out. But it wont change. Like I have dyed it 2 within 3 weeks. Im not really feeling this dark hair anymore. I am following the directions. I dye my mothers hair for her, I know what to do. But this i dint. It just wont lighten it. Is there something I should/can do?


Yesterday night I used Loreal Paris, Feria Hi-Lift Brown. The box on the top says"Exclusively for dark hair" And shows before as really dark hair almost like mine now. And after as the light golden brown color. Its a B61 cooler? Everyone is telling me to bleach it then dye it back? But this box shows that I dont have too, but it didnt work the first time. So I should go bleach it then dye it back original

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    Um yeah, you acctually dyed it wrong!? Lol, happened to m, when I realised you have to bleach your hair first then dye it a lighter colour, If you have black hair and you want it blonde, if you do it without bleaching it it goes orange, && Bleachings really dangerous if your doing it on your own, you dont know how much you need, too much will damage the hair, make it fall, and causes buring, I suggest you get it done at a salon, better than nothing ai?

    Good Luck, hope it turna backk to what it was

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    The injury will be the least of your troubles! Have you learnt what the preservation will probably be with that dye job? Each three or 4 weeks you'll need to touch up your new development and when you're unwell of the colour, you can spend hundreds of thousands of greenbacks at the salon getting a color correction! Do not do it! However in the event you must get it performed do it at an Aveda Salon where there hair colour is ninety seven% natural.. And get them to make use of a Demi permanent. Aveda's colour line is super gentle and won't injury your hair.

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    Did you use a temp dye? If so, those can take a few months to wash out, so don't worry!

    If you used a permanent dye, however, you might want to bleach it. Go to a legit salon or something to get it done to make sure it's right, because bleaching is much too easy to mess up if you aren't experienced. In the future, use a temp such as Manic Panic.

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    You could try bleaching your hair, then dying it but that can damage your hair. It is really hard to go from a dark to light color. It is like when you color with a pencil, it is almost impossible for it to turn from a dark shade to a light shade. If i were you I would bleach my hair then dye it.

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