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How to get blake lively(serena van der woodsen) make up?

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    blake lively, good choice, shes very pretty and has a good bright make up style. but she has hooded eyes, sooo.... it may look different on you if you don't have a similar eye shape. but ... okay lets begin:

    okay first, use a i don't want to say shimmery eye shadow, but a shiney flesh toned (golden tint/ whiteish) eyeshadow all over the lid up to the brow bone, the on your crease put a coral or orangish pink eye shadow there and wing it out at the end of your crease... then take a little darker color and stroke it lightly upward on the outer corner of your eyes. then on your inner corner put white, or shiney highlighter shadow. okay, up underneath your eye, near your lashline, put that white or highlighting shadow across it ( corner to corner) after that, you think ( eyeliner ) oh eyeliner may be tricky with this, sooo, use a sharp pencil eyeliner, and get it close to your lash line as possible ( top lashline) and kinda blend it in with a brush ( if you know how, if not, don't worry bout it) now for the bottom waterline... tricky, put white or flesh tone on it ( corner to corner) then take the black pencil eyeliner and put on the outer corner lashline and work it the best you can into your eyelashes, now curl your lashes and put lengthing black mascara on until you are pleased with the thickness. then put white shadow on your browbone, and remember to shape your eyebrows. good luck! , hope this helped!!!

    also-- for her blush use an coral or orangish light blush and smile and apply to your cheeks and stroke back on to your cheek bone, and right above cheek bone, add highligher. and for lips wear a medium pink, or a natural looking gloss.

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    Serena Van Der Woodsen Makeup

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    Serena Vanderwoodsen Makeup

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    How to get blake lively(serena van der woodsen) make up?

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