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What do you think about this...(SURVEY)?

Please don't thumbs down another's comment. You don't have to answer all of these questions if you don't want to, just a few :)

What do you think about....

1. Legalizing marijuana

2. The end of Twinkies

3. Honey boo boo

4. Organic produce

5. The ability to purchase firearms

6. Lonely cat ladies

7. Religion's effect on gays

8. Childhood obesity

9. Smoking

10. Carpet or tile?

11. Should you be considered an adult by your age or maturity?

12. Favorite breakfast food?

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    2. noooooooooooooooooooooo....a tear actually came when I first read about it. (yes, just one tear and it wasn't an alligator tear either.)

    3. B.Walters actually named this little girl one of her interesting person of 2012. really? speaks a lot to how Walters thinks.

    4. Organic-schmantic....I think it's all promotional gimmicks. unless you grow/raise your own veggies/fruits/live stock, how do you seriously know if they're all organic?? even farmer's market you can't trust.

    5. firearm purchases are a joke. the law only effects those who obey it. if you really wanted one illegally, I think you can get it pretty easy.

    8. parents need to be firm on the way they raise their kids. get them outside playing. limit their times on the computer and tv. and for crying out loud, feed them some good whole BALANCED meals and snacks. I'm not all crazy strict. everything in moderation. eating at mcd's a handful of times a month is ok, but not like 2-3 times a week! or eating all those fatty snacks. veggies and fruits and cut the sodas and fruit juices and energy drinks!

    9. can't stand smoking, the smell. everything about it sucks. my dad smoked for over 30 years and he quitted cold turkey after one of his close friend died of lung ca. scared him sh!tless.

    10. hardwood flooring is the way to go, but carpeting for certain rooms is nice too. just not for heavy traffic areas like the main floor dining/living rooms for example.

    11. the general answer is age. and that's for the population as a whole. if we had to go by maturity, there'd be way less adults in this world. hahaha.

    12. plain quaker oats with milk (not water!) and a little bit of maple syrup.

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    8 years ago

    1. Legalizing marijuana: whatever druggies, not my prob.

    2. The end of Twinkies: don't eat 'em, gross

    3. Honey boo boo: i'm not sure what that is

    4. Organic produce: ok

    5. The ability to purchase firearms: we have the right to

    6. Lonely cat ladies: I envy them

    7. Religion's effect on gays: not religious, don't know the difference between a mormon and christian or whatever

    8. Childhood obesity: here have a carrot

    9. Smoking: they're ur lungs

    10. Carpet or tile?: Carpet fuzzzzzzy

    11. Should you be considered an adult by your age or maturity?: no

    12. Favorite breakfast food? Pancakes!

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    8 years ago

    What do you think about....

    1. Legalizing marijuana

    I don't smoke because I think it is a waste of money. I think in 5-10 years it will be legalized nation wide.

    2. The end of Twinkies

    I think it was bound to happen. They weren't that good anyways.

    3. Honey boo boo

    Annoying hoosiers.

    4. Organic produce

    I'm buying whatever is the best deal. But if the prices are the same, I'm buying organic.

    5. The ability to purchase firearms

    I'm too scared of guns to personally purchase one for myself

    6. Lonely cat ladies

    I'm highly allergic to cats.

    7. Religion's effect on gays

    I understand that being gay is real, but I do not believe two people of the same sex should be together physically. I accept being gay, but not gay sexual relationships. (Though I wouldn't say anything or stop my children from following their hearts etc. It's just my personal thoughts.)

    8. Childhood obesity


    9. Smoking

    Absolutely repulsive. I look down on anyone who does so.

    10. Carpet or tile?

    Hardwood floors.

    11. Should you be considered an adult by your age or maturity?


    12. Favorite breakfast food?

    I love all breakfast foods. I could never select a top favorite.

  • 1. Legalizing marijuana- well I don't see why it should be illegal but if it gets legalized then it will be taxed. Either way I don't really care.

    2. The end of Twinkies- I don't know what Twinkies is?

    3. Honey boo boo- Only seen a picture of her once and she's fat and ugly.

    4. Organic produce- Don't really think about it.

    5. The ability to purchase firearms- Don't care.

    6. Lonely cat ladies- They won't be lonely with their cats.

    7. Religion's effect on gays- Well I think religions s'hit in general.

    8. Childhood obesity- Disgusting.

    9. Smoking- I think its disgusting.

    10. Carpet or tile? Carpet feels better.

    11. Should you be considered an adult by your age or maturity?- Maturity.

    12. Favorite breakfast food? Cereal or chocolate chip pancakes.

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  • 1. Yes

    2. No and I'm not even American...I truly feel for Woody Harrelson in Zombieland

    3. People should know better than to overexpose a silly little girl and her awful family. Stop trying to justify it...It's just wrong.

    4. Great, if you can afford it- which alot of people can't...

    5. No. We can't in Australia and we're doing considerably better in controlling gun violence than many other countries. Not gloating, just fact.

    6. I'm a 20 year old girl and I have a cat, what do you think I think ;)

    7. Wrong

    8. Sad

    9. I smoke, but I do think it's something that should've been made illegal.

    10. Depends on the area.

    11. Both.

    12. Fruit, whipped cream & orange juice or a smoothie (:

  • 8 years ago

    1. sure

    2. saddened but not heartbroken


    4. good but expensive

    5. they need to learn how to keep guns out of the hands of bad people while letting good people be armed and ready to defend themselves from bad people.

    6. if a woman a cat lady she shouldn't be lonely, in anime their really cute,lol. but in reality i have no problem with them.

    7.religion was not made for people to bash others. if you feel something is wrong then leave it alone and try to put it down.

    8.terrible epidemic

    9.don't smoke around me and we'll be fine.

    10. carpet for every room except bathrooms and kitchens.

    11.i'm an adult

    12. pops cereal

  • 8 years ago

    1. I see no harm in it. Its not a huge dangerous drug like say crack or LSD.

    2. NO!!!!!!!!

    3. Don't mind her. She's just a baby

    4. Sure why not

    5. not sure

    6. =(

    7. Shouldn't bother them

    8. The parents should be arrested for child abuse!

    9. Depends on the person

    10. carpet

    11. no

    12. Poptarts =)

  • 8 years ago

    1. Mixed feelings

    2. Never tried one (English)

    3. Excuse me? ;)

    4. Yum

    5. Pointless! Stupid and just xmslskdlfn meh

    6. Poor lady's :(

    7. If you're gay, you're gay...

    8. Not always the child's fault, mixed feelings ...

    9. Bad for your health

    10. Tile

    11. Maturity

    12. Bacon...!

  • 8 years ago

    I think it should be legalized.

    Twinkies should be banned.

    She is stupid and I don't like here. She needs to get a life.

    I like organic stuff.

    I think you should have the ability to purchase guns only if you pass a gun test. I don't think you should carry gun in public places.

    They need to make more friends.

    I don't have a problem with gays.

    I think fast food restaurants should be banned.

    Smoking should be banned.



    Hash towns

  • 8 years ago

    1.) Weed is AMAZING. It should be legalized.


    3.)She's fat.

    4.)It shoudln't be legal.

    5.)It's an American right.

    6.)They deserve love too. c:

    7.)I'm not religious & gays don't bother me.

    8.)No kid should be fat.

    9.)I do it,nothing wrong with it.

    10.)Carpet,so you don't have to sweep the floor everyday.


    12.)PANCAKES!! :D

    Source(s): Nice Survey! You should do more:D
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