Marie asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 8 years ago

I have green eyes do people like them because the always look in my eyes and I can see the smile in there face?

I'm trying to find an eyeliner or eyeshadow to make them look or stand out more for a party not too much because there already BRIGHT! Thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi, I also have green eyes. I have found that most type of eyeliner have different effects on green eyes. The most complementary color is of course purple, which has a tendency to make green eyes look extra green. So to make your eyes stand out more, I would suggest purple.

    Of course black always looks classic with green eyes (or any eye color). My other suggestion would be a earthy tone brown or if you're feeling adventurous try an electric blue. It produces a really cool effect on the eyes.

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