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What are the chances of my gf becoming pregnant, had unprotected sex in shower?

Me & my gf Tuesday morning, during shower had unprotected sex as I stuck my penis in her. She was on her period, although never bled on my penis, and I never came. I don't know if I had precum or not, because we were in the shower. Could she be pregnant?. The period she was on now had come 1-2 weeks late, it was due on the 3rd through 5th & she got in on 13th or 14th. But she is no longer on her period anymore. What are the chances of her being pregnant? I know it was a mistake having unprotected sex, & I'm never doing that again til I want a kid..

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    if she wasnt ovulating then theres about an 85% chance. regardless it just takes one little swimmer to fertilze the egg.

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    Still just as likely -_-

    Sex Ed is available to everyone....

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    till you ejaculated suitable in the previous you adult adult males had intercourse, there is not likely to be any leftover sperm on your pre-ejaculate. Plus, the bathe water probably washed all of it away in the previous penetration.

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