Is there a way to transfer a single Steam game to another computer via USB drive?

I bought my brother a game for Christmas on steam but the game is huge and they have terrible internet where he lives. I already bought the game for myself, so I already have the game fully downloaded on my computer. Is there any way I can transfer the game only to his computer, so that he can use his Steam account to play it? And to clarify, yes, I bought him the game and sent it to him so he DOES own the game. I am just trying to save him a few days of downloading it.

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  • dathip
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    7 years ago
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    Just go into the Steam folder in my computer> go to steamapps> common> then copy game folder into usb hard drive and copy into this exact folder on the computer of your friends PC.

  • 3 years ago

    It depends upon the size of the flash force and the size of the programs you want to transfer. In case you have a 2 GB flash power, you could transfer 2 GB of area from the flash power to your new pc at the same time. All a flash drive is, is RAM that us used as a disk linked via a USB port. RAM can be utilized as a rough pressure. RAM is clearly a lot faster. The motive we use rough Drives is given that RAM is high-priced and spinning metallic disks retaining information is much cheaper and does not need the pace RAM offers. The knowledge on RAM wants to be quick. However as long as the know-how you want to transfer is <= the scale of the flash pressure, that you may.

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