gopro 2 hero or gopro 3 white?

which is better? and is the gopro 3 silver that much better than the best of these two? Im going to be using it for snowboarding and want high quality footage, which is worth buying? I go ride a lot, 100 days/year

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  • Scott
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    7 years ago
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    Strictly talking about the camera functions, the H3 SIlver is equal to the H2 series. The White is equal to the original Hero HD

    With the H2 you get better mounts included (outdoor edition has a head strap and a helmet strap along with a few self adhesive mounts).

    The H3 series (all three) include wifi connectivity to a smart phone or tablet with their free app. They also are slightly smaller and lighter. The new case corrects a slight vignetting and sharpness issue the H2 standard case has when used underwater.

    I would only suggest the white if you shot a lot underwater and could not afford the silver.

    I would suggest the silver only if you either shot under water a lot OR really wanted the wifi and were willing to pay $100 for this feature.

    The H2 gets you good video/photos for $200 (or less).

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