Whats the difference between a training/practice ball and a match ball?

My soccer team is going into a tournament and I need a ball. I will probably get a match ball just cause, but whats the difference?

Some say they have different "curve" affects, after you kick it, but others say thats not true

So whats the difference

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  • 7 years ago
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    In youth games there is little difference. They will often just have the home team throw out two or three balls. Despite what the other writer states The size of the ball you play with is based upon age.... Not purpose.

    In reality, the difference between a practice ball and a quality game ball lies within the material, the panels, and the quality of manufacture. I have seen heap,leather balls and excellent quality synthetic material balls.

    The best way for you to see and feel the difference is to pick up a $70 game ball, and a $15 ball. That could give you a since of it. There are layers of material over the rubber blatter, covered with a quality leather cover. The low cost ball is a blatter surrounded by a cheap plastic, leather or synthetic cover. It may have a layer between the blatter and the cov... But you will feel the difference.

    The curving and aerodynamics of the ball are NOT part of the difference. Each ball based upon design and materials may not fly true. It is a design issue that can effect cheap or expensive balls.


  • 7 years ago

    I'm not too sure about the different curve affects, but I know that practice balls are usually size 3 or 4 while natch balls are always size 5.

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