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Impact asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 8 years ago

What role did Sweden have in WW2?

What role did Sweden have in WW2? And what was Germany's relationship to them?

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    8 years ago
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    Sweden was absolutely crucial in WWII, for one simple reason...

    Nazi Germany was almost totally dependent on Sweden for it's supply of steel.

    No steel - no armaments industry - game over, thanks for playing.

    Sure, Sweden was technically neutral... but we know the Nazis did not respect neutrality. Holland was neutral. So were Denmark and Norway.

    That didn't stop the Panzers rolling across their borders.

    But Sweden was different. As long as the steel kept coming, the Nazis were happy enough to leave Sweden alone.

    So, throughout WWII, Sweden was using steel to "buy peace".

    The allies knew the importance of Sweden to German industry.

    Churchill proposed a plan - called "R4" - to invade Sweden via Norway.

    Fortunately, British military commanders advised that R4 was impossibly ambitious and that Britain's military resources were already overstretched.

    But the Germans could not risk leaving Sweden undefended. They kept large numbers of troops in Denmark and Norway throughout the war, in the belief that Britain would try and cut off their steel supply.

    British forces encouraged this belief with commando raids on the Norwegian coast and islands.

    Entire German divisions in Scandinavia were effectively kept out of the war by a few commandos.

    Hope that helps!

    Source(s): "The Second World War" by A.J.P. Taylor.
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    5 years ago

    Sweden Ww2

  • Alex G
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    8 years ago

    Sweden was neutral in WW II, just like Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and some others... Iran wanted to be neutral, but British and Soviets accused them of being pro-Nazi and invaded them, sending the Shah to die in Africa and using German-built Iranian railroads to supply the Soviets with food and weapons from America.

    Actually, the Swedish government unofficially sent volunteers to combat the Axis alongside Britain.

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    8 years ago

    Sweden was official neutral during the war though voluenteers did fight for the Axis in the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking and Sweden it's self became a place of refuge for Danish Jews almost all of who escaped the Holocaust.

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