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Do you think Rap music unfairly gets a bad rap just because of where this genre is derived from?

I think there is no other musical genre that is more of a product of it's environment more than Rap music. Hip-Hop and Rap in general literally came from the slums and projects where oppressed minorities invented their own expression and outlets. Now that Rap music is sensationalized and exposed to the masses do you believe acts like Chief Keef and Trinidad James are unfairly scrutinized and subjected to criticisms and labels like "they are embarrassing black people" or something similar. If you think about it they are only speaking of their first-hand experiences and life. It's not their fault consumers are eating it up nor are they fabricating anything. Of course they GLORIFY the streets but Rock musicians often glamorize sex and drugs as well.

Of course the topic of music quality is brought up. Put that aside for a second and consider that Justin Bieber by traditional standards makes sh*tty music and yet no one claims he's embarrassing white people, etc.

thoughts, opinions, graphics descriptions of how you popped a molly, WHOO!?!?!

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BQ: Would you join street gang if the only requirement is that you buy all the members 5 bags of Hot Cheetos and a 2 liter Sprite? Consider that there are approximately 9 members in the aforementioned collective of like-minded individuals...


To clarify, should we instead be ashamed of ourselves for letting "bad music" become popular instead of blaming the creators of "bad music"?

Update 2:

^^^actually not a clarification of my original question but more of additional information and queries...thanks...

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    That is a bad stereotype. Stupid rappers such add chief keef 2 chainz and Lil Wayne killed rap. Lil Wayne is one of the ugliest mother fers in the world how he look is a bad influence and his music is all about sex and women. Really love dem strippers, birthday song is the stupidest s i every heard. And chef Keefe is lame. Words can't describe how dumb these guys are. And yet there the most popular rappers. What a dam shame.

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  • Mike
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    7 years ago

    Not when you have Poet's who are rappers like Common

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  • Anon
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    7 years ago

    They are common as muck!

    Oh Missus!!

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