What items to put in an urban survival bug out bag?

I want to build a bug out bag to keep in my home in case of a natural disaster or other reason to flee the city. I live in Los Angeles, what items should I put in my bag that will be lightweight, but at the same time useful in my survival?

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  • 8 years ago
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    First aid kit, flashlight, spare clothes,knife,snacks like dried meat. I would look up bug out bag on you tube for more ideas.

    Source(s): Friend is a former Boy Scout.
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    8 years ago

    I keep a multi tool, 2 MRE meals, a box of .22 ammo, 40 feet of paracord, a winter hat, a water purifier pump, a small sheath knife, work gloves, extra pair of glasses, 1 pair of socks and underwear, extra T shirt, matches and lighter, flashlight with spare batteries. My truck has a more indepth bag that has warmer clothes and some tools. And dog food for my dog. If i needed to go, i would grab my bag and my revolver and head out. Im not planning for a deep woods bug out tho. My bag is set up to help me survive a few days, not long term. I survival camp often so i know how to live off the land if need be.

  • 8 years ago

    Every person has a different opinion on this. To make the best BOB, you need to consider your own situation and environment.

    By the way, you are thinking of fleeing the city, but there are limited routes out of LA and they will be gridlocked. Unless you have something like an off-road motorcycle at home, for example.

    A BOB is for 72 hours generally, so don't cram it with food and water. Water should be plentiful so I would pack only one liter and no more. For food, find energy bars. Doesn't matter about the nutrition, all you care about is pure energy.

    A torch, LED is best.

    Matches and lighter.

    Leatherman/Victorinox knife.

    Basic first aid kit.

    Gun (pistol).

    Water filtration device.

    Tarp (for shelter and other uses).

    Look at other BOBs for ideas but make your own, according to your own situation.

  • 4 years ago

    1)one roll of bathroom paper smashed flat in a 1 quart zip lock freezer bag 2) one 1911 45 acp and 5 - 6 loaded magazines ( ball ammo) Technically you would want this silenced ...A silenced weapon is best used for hunting throughout escape and evade...... 3) one 10x10 sheet of black 6 mil plastic w/50 ft of para twine/green in color four)one quart metal cup for cooking and ingesting. 5) one fixed blade carbon metal knife/combat style and one Victorinox swiss military knife..(hunter) 6) a metzker type Co. Map and one map compass 7)asperin/tylenal/codine/sucher needles/forceps/gause 8) small twin fuel stove (one gas canister) and six feet of fish tank tubing(siphon tube) 9) magnesium hearth starter 10)small transister variety radio and extra batteries w/ ear cell jack eleven) small 3 or four in. Flash gentle 12)wool gloves and stocking hat and one pair of socks. Might be a dark colored hoodie 13) only for good measure ...6 M80's predipped in wax....( you'll comprehend when to use these)

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  • 8 years ago

    Basics: a knife, extra batteries, flashlight, compass/ map.

    To attract help/ attention: bright cloth to help wound, flare gun, whistle.

    Warmth: blanket/ pancho, matches.

    Water/ food. Something without near expiration date

    Hope this helped! (:

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