Asian Singers.......?

Tell me some Japanese, Korean, or even Chinese singers! I would appreciate it if you labeled what they are (: So I know what language I am listening to! :D THNX


Japanese Singers:

1. Utada Hikaru


Korean Singers:




Chinese Singers:


Please tell as many as possible! :D love you guys!

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    7 years ago
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    Hey!! :]

    Japanese Singers (including bands):

    1) Uverworld

    2) Yutada Hikaru

    3) Ikimono Gakari

    Korean Singers (including bands):

    1) K.Will

    2) ALi

    3) Ailee

    4) IU

    5) Kim Jong-Kook

    6) Lee Seung-gi

    7) Sistar

    8) Boyfriend

    9) Super Junior

    10) SNSD

    11) f(x)

    12) 2NE1

    13) Big Bang

    14) Gummy

    15) 15&

    16) 2PM

    17) 2AM

    18) TVXQ

    19) JYJ

    20) Outsider (he's actually a rapper)

    and the list could go on forever... :]

    Chinese Singers -

    1) JJ Lin (he's actually Singaporean, though sings Mandopop)

    2) Hangeng

    3) Eason Chan

    4) David Tao

    5) Jacky Cheung

    6) Jay Chou

    7) Sammi Cheng

    p.s. Though I am Chinese, I tend to listen to mostly Korean music

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  • 7 years ago

    I am Chinese and here list some Chinese singers; 那英(Na Ying), 田震(Tian Zhen),王菲(Wang Fei), 刘欢(Liu Huan), 孙楠(Sun Nan),周杰伦(Zhou Jie lun),张学友(Zhang Xue you)

    PS: Would like to know more about China, just visit below

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