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flu shot side effects?

ok so yesterday i got the flu shot, and today i have a lot of pains in my ears. it feels like an ear infection, but my nose wasnt stuffed, and it hurts much much worse. it hurts when i chew ALOT. i just wanted to know if this was a side effect of the flu shot, or something else. thanksssmm in advanceed:)

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    Your symptoms are not a common side effect.

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    Hey Laura. You aren't helping the opinion of nurses. They flu shot contains bits of the virus in a killed state. THe flu shot cannot and does not give you the flu. The tiny bits of the virus causes your body to make antibodies against the strains that are in the shot. The majority of people who have side affects have them because they are told there might be side affects. Its a form of the placebo affect. If you tell someone they might get sick, a certain percentage will. If you are indeed a nurse, you need to do more research and more listening to the professionals.

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    What are the side effects of the flu shot

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    No. Post hoc ergo propter hoc is fallacious reasoning.

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