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I really hate being clever?

I would absolutely LOVE to be a film or a stage director. But no one takes me seriously. I am clever, and i used to want to be a scientist, but its getting boring and i dont anymore. Everyone expects me to be a scientist or something nerdy! I have just started my gcse s and i am expected to get good grades, i am having to work really hard. I hate it! Everyone says, work hard, get a good job, get more money. But i really dont care about money, i kinda want to live in a flat with a freind, rather than a big house, on my own! Its making me HATE being clever!!!

What should i do??!!

Thanks :)

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    Being clever doesn't just immediately force you into the stereotypical life of work and money! Being smart just widens your opportunities, so that you have more choice when you're older :) You can choose to live in a mansion, or live on the streets. It's up to you! (Provided you use your knowledge and get good grades) And that's why so many people are envious of people like you, because you have so many different lifestyle opportunities you could pursue.

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    "I would absolutely LOVE to be a film or a stage director. But no one takes me seriously. "

    If that's your dream, and other people's opinion talks you out of it, then you're in it for the wrong reasons. Good creative people pursue an inner vision, that cannot be touched by anybody; they get obsessed about it and don't feel comforted until the vision is out there, in the shape of film, play, etc.

    In addition, being so concerned about other people's opinion is not that clever lol...

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    You should work hard and get good grades so that you have a back up plan! Why would it be so bad to have a good degree and education? If you were as clever as you say you are, you would realize the importance of education. What if you have kids one day? Then would you still want to be poor? You have to think ahead! You could potentially have people depending on you, and not trying your best and working hard might negatively effect them.

    Source(s): No one likes an arrogant person.
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    start writting plays, or scripts for short movies, get some new friends that do take you seriously and get them to be in a short film.

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