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Questions about building an AMD based computer?

I am interested in building a computer using an AMD processor and I have a few questions. First of all, why is AMD so much cheaper than Intel? Secondly, I cannot find an AMD compatible Motherboard with PCI Express 3.0, do they not make them with PCIe 3.0? If so why not? Can I use a PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card in an AMD build? And Finally, what is an APU?


That's why I'm asking questions, Fola.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Lol @ the above answer, they don't want to compete with intel yet they're both separate companies that make CPUs, they've got each other for competition whether they like it or not; and AMD is falling way behind.

    AMD has always been the budget oriented name to go for. They sell good CPUs for the price. The trade off? They're more prone to overheating and are energy hogs.

    As of right now, there are no AMD motherboards with PCIe 3.0 controllers, because they do not yet have AMD CPUs with 3.0 controllers. Compatibility is another thing, you can install a 3.0x16 graphics card in a 2.0 slot as they're backwards compatible, but you won't get the added advantage of the bandwidth increase, though that will translate in a minimal loss of performance: around 5% at the maximum.

    APU is the name that AMD has given their special line of CPUs that also have integrated graphics built in. In comparison to intel's integrated graphics, they're definitely better, and you can crossfire these APUs with certain compatible graphics cards. You can install any graphics you want, but only a select compatible few are able to be crossfired with the integrated graphics from the APU.

    See here, under the 'Desktop' tab:

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  • Me
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    7 years ago

    AMD dont support PCI-E 3.0 yet, AMD are cheap because they dont want competition with Intel, AMD's latest, best processor cant even compete with Intels older, mid-range CPU's...

    No, you cannot find an AMD board with PCIe, you'll have to look into Intel boards for that

    Yeas you can use a PCI-E 3.0 graphics card with a 2.0 motherboard, as it is backwards compatible.

    APU = Accelerated Processing Unit, im not sure, but i think its basically REALLY bad graphics on your CPU, like Intel HD graphics

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  • 7 years ago

    some facts with amd they are a budget company

    currenty processor which are best for gaming is the fx 6300 as it beats its 8 core realitys requires a bios update to use so the 990fx boards are best for this cpu the fx 6300 is cheaper then 8 core as these are only used for making games and heavy threads not good for gaming

    gaming performance

    amd are power hogs but this has always been there problem there trying to fix this or give more performance per watt they arent great for single thread performance meaning the fail in single task but are great in multi tasks

    power consumption

    now for pci express people who say that the chips dont support the 3.0 are telling half the truth

    amd chose not to why people ask cheaper to stay at 2.0 and more budget friendly for duel card users

    i mean sure 3.0 is faster but in duel card mode the cards only run at half speed meaning

    x8 x8

    now 90 fx boards mainly sabertooth have 2.0 x16 x2 running at full power no half speed crap

    just pure raw graphic power sure its a bit slower but compared to duel config at x8 x8 it wipes the floor with them

    i am betting we will see 3.0 boards when 4.0 comes out

    which will most likely be after haswell so couple of years down the line

    now a 3.0 card is backwards compatible hence amds genius at thinking about consumers and performance

    also amd chips tend to get alot more hotter use more energy then intel

    however intels prices are unreasonable and need a wake up call if someones going to spend

    190 dollars or 159 pounds on a chip ( i would get my head examined after 159 pound)

    a big con about intel is they release a new board with a new chip every year so the chances of the boards backwards compatibility with other boards is rare

    amd make a great deal of boards some can use all sockets am2 to am3+

    and all they usually need is a bit of code for the newer processors and your fine

    then when you want to upgrade say to steam roller in 2013 fall i think they usually release new bios after a few weeks of being out i usually wait a month

    avoid bulldozer fx

    go for viresha basically the fx 6300 is a modified bulldozer been fixed

    the steamroller next year will enhance the new tech

    fx series works best on windows 8 giving it a 15 percent boost in computing power

    best cooler i find that keeps the fx series cool enough is cooler master evo 212 with another fan coolermaster blademaster and mx4 paste instead of the stock paste that comes with cpu cooler as its crap

    make sure there is a fan on top of the case preferably 2 as amd fan coolers blow upward into the top of the case so a vent of some kind is helpful

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Are you sure you are ready to build a computer?

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