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National Guard Infantryman to Army Officer job question?

I recently joined the National Guard and am awaiting my ship date for basic training. My question is if I was to choose to go green to gold (or other officer option) after my 2014 deployment, what career would I be looking at when I become an officer. Im just wondering if the Army would place a former infantryman into an infantry officer position or if the decision is based on the needs of the Army. So any experience or thoughts would be nice.

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    I spent my first 3 years in the Infantry...then the next 6 in CBRN (54B/74D) making SSG before being commissioned through "Green-to-Gold"

    I received my degree in Environmental Engineering with a focus on HazMat Management

    And the Army commissioned me into Field Artillery...

    So what does that tell you?

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  • 7 years ago

    previous enlisted mos, has no bearing on what Branch is assigned after commissioning

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