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Who in the county do I need to contact regards to mold concern in my house?

I went to see my doctor today to find out whats wrong with me. I told him I smell mold in my house as well. His office had mold problem last year and temporary relocated his office, He then told me to contact "the county"..... OK............... which one? ( contacted Building department left message about an hr ago, no one had responded to me )

County Office Listings (alphabetical)

County Government Departments - Brief Descriptions & Contact Information

• Budget and Management Services

• Building Division

• Business Development

• Code Enforcement

• Communications

• Cooperative Extension Services

• County Attorney

• County Commissioner

• County Manager

• County Probation

• Economic Development & Tourism

• Elderly Services

• Emergency Management

• Emergency Medical Services

• Equal Opportunity Office

• Facilities Management

• Fire Rescue

• Fleet Management

• Geographical Information Systems

• Healthy Families

• Historical Museum

• Housing & Neighborhood Development

• Human Resources

• Information Technology

• Land Development

• Mosquito Control

• Office of Planning & Development

• Organization & Employee Development(OED)

• Parks & Natural Resources Division

• Parks and Recreation


• Procurement

• Regional Drainage

• Risk Management and Polk Health Care Plan

• Small Business Development Center

• Social Services Division

• Sports Marketing

• Supplier Diversity

• Tourism

• Transit Services

• Transportation

• Transportation Planning Organization(TPO)

• Utilities

• Veteran Services

• Waste Resource Management

Other Agencies Related to County Government

• 10th Judicial Circuit

• Clerk of Courts

• Health Department

• Medical Examiner

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    Health department, Board of Health for your town.

    Do you rent or own the home?

    If you rent then the landlord is responsible to eliminate the mold, there are companies that will clean & remove the mold.

    If you own the home you will be responsible for the mold removal, I don't know if it is covered under homeowners insurance.

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    Medical Examiner to prepare for the inevitable.

    LOL. Are you some kind of nut job? Get some bleach/water/vinegar and spray.

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