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Hip Piercings. Dermals Or Surface?

I Want To Know The Pros And Cons To Each. I'm Getting My Hips Pierced In One Week. I Want To Know How Bad Each One Hurts, I'm Not Really Worried About The Pain It Will Be Worth It I'm Just Curious. And I Want To Know If I Lose Weight After I Get The Piercing Will It Be Affected?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I just got my microdermal hip piercings 2 mos ago.

    I did a lot of research first before choosing the method as I was going to go for surface piercings to begin with.

    Surface piercings:


    They look nice

    If your lucky they might last a year


    They have a 99% rejection rate and can leave massive scarring

    More painful to have pierced than the microdermal method

    More difficult to keep clean

    Discomfort level afterwards is annoying

    A shift in weight change might alter the look of where the piercing is placed

    Micro dermal


    They are much quicker and less painful than surface piercings.

    Microdermals are replacing surface piercings.

    They only have a 30% rejection rate

    Super easy to keep clean and snag free

    No discomfort the day after

    They look and feel healed in 2-3 wks

    Fully anchor under your skin in 2-3 mos

    Super easy to remove if they reject and leave minimal scarring

    Super easy to change the tops

    A shift in weight change will not affect piercing placement. (Many moms go through preganacy without their hip microdermals being affected)


    easily snagged in the shower! NO loofas!

    take a full year to compleatly heal as they heal from the outside in.

    choose your location and spacing wisely! They are permanant

    Typically have to be removed as a scalpel procedure

    Trauma may cause them to reject (snagging)

    The pros far outweigh the cons.

    I absolutly love mine! No issues whatsoever. They are virtually pain free, have only snagged one in the shower once, didnt cause any issues though. I got them right above my pant line so clothing causes no issues. They look amazing. They are quite the unique piercing, not everyone has them.

    The place I got them pierced wasnt cheap, $75 each. Cheaper isnt exactly better, they guarantee them. If they reject they take them out, heal them up and repierce them for free.

    One of my most favorite peircings! I went with the needle method rather than the biopsy punch method. It leaves a smaller hole so the jewelry doesnt slip out and heals faster.

    Good luck! If you find me on facebook : Tara Roberts you can see the pictures!

    Source(s): I have 25 piercings: 9 ineach ear including tragus Nose, navel, tongue, nipples and 2 microdermal hips
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    4 years ago

    Hip Piercing

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    4 years ago


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  • 8 years ago

    The one thing i can say about this is in my opinion, getting a dermal is a lot more beneficial in terms of it staying it. Your body will naturally reject any foreign object that is below skin level. Dermal piercings a lot more reliable at your body not completely pushing them out. Where as my girlfriend had the back of her neck surfaced, and had non-stop infections until it just fell out one day as her body had rejected it.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Wait until after high school. A. No reputable piercer is going to do surface piercing or microdermals on a minor. B. Even though a surface bar is removable, you really shouldn't remove it.

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