How do you become famous on the internet? Or how do you become famous in simple steps?

I'm just a girl with a dream. . I act. sing a lil, and write. . . . . .

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  • 8 years ago
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    Fame is generally a byproduct of achievement and people who become internet sensations are forgotten just as quickly as they became famous. If your goal is fame, your chances of achieving it are incredibly small. Everyone under the age of 21 wants to be famous, but the ones who get there (and stay there for more than 15 minutes) are people who devote themselves slavishly to something they absolutely love doing. And they'd do what they do whether or not they became famous, since fame is not their motivation.

    When you say you act, do you mean you can mimic emotions? Or have you actually studied the craft of acting and learned how to hit a mark, project your voice, etc? Acting in school plays is fun and millions of kids enjoy that, but if you're serious about becoming a career actress, you'll need to do more than amateur shows. Just about everyone you see on TV and in movies spent years learning their craft and appearing in low-profile theatrical productions so they'd have a remote chance at other opportunities. There are many, many thousands of trained, professional actors looking for jobs every day, so you'll need to pay a lot of dues before you'll stand any chance of having an acting career. The dues-paying process weeds out the wannabes from those who actually want to act. And it's the people who want to act who wind up with careers.

    If you sing, but only sing other people's songs, you're not going to have a music career. You might have fun at a karaoke bar, but record labels are looking for artists who have original music, performance experience, and who have proven they can sell music to a vast audience. If you don't play an instrument, you'll need to learn one in order to write songs. Writing words doesn't count. And you'll need to book shows and build a fan base big enough to draw the attention of A&R (artists and repertoire) people from record labels. Record company executives don't spend their days on YouTube looking for great singers. They rely on A&R people all over the world whose job is to keep track of musical acts that are attracting huge crowds to shows and those are the people who get signed. Teen idols are an exception to that rule, but most teen idols don't have careers once they're old enough to legally drink. They're not chosen for being talented, but rather because they have a combination of looks/attitude that can be effortlessly marketed to kids. Once those kids demand more from musical artists than good looks, though, the teen idols are dropped by their record labels and their careers end.

    If you actually want to become serious about music, follow Taylor Swift's example and learn to play an instrument. There's a reason she'll be around for decades. While her classmates were singing their favorite hit songs into hairbrushes, she was locked in her room, learning to play guitar and writing songs specifically for her own voice. In other words, she did the hard work and built a foundation for a career, while her classmates just fantasized and never did any work.

    If you focus on fame, you're never going to achieve any success in the entertainment industry. The world is crawling with attention whores and most people can't stand them. Find something you love to do and devote yourself to it. There are thousands and thousands of brilliant, incredibly talented actors and musicians who'll never be household names, but they continue doing what they do because they love it. And the ones who do make it to "the big time" are people who would do what they do whether or not anyone paid attention. It's their devotion to what they love that separates them from the millions of wannabes who just want to be the center of attention.

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    Don't be famous just to be famous! Do it because you love what you do, not for the fame. Make a Twitter account and Tweet your YouTube videos, use MySpace if you record anything, SoundCloud etc. If you play any instruments, go to open mic nights at local venues =)

    If you don't play, I suggest buying a guitar. Chords are easy to learn and an instrument will make you more noticeable.

    =) x

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    Wanting fame is the worst possible reason for doing anything.

    Fame is a shallow dream, for insecure adults and naive children.

    Wanting to become famous and 'known' - that almost always means that you have low self-esteem, little confidence and the need for constant approval. You should really deal with those issues, and learn to love yourself as you are, and become mature enough to realise how childish it is to desire fame.

    Aim to enjoy doing whatever job you choose, aim to be good at it, and most importantly, aim to be happy - but never aim for fame - it's a sure-fire way to guarantee failure.

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    4 years ago

    you can post a video of you singing a popular song on youtube and then tell all your friends to tell allt heir friends and on and on or you can try out for american idol or americas got talent

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