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Help with names/stuff for my book.?

Ok, So here's the sortof layout for the book. This girl (name undecided) and her friends are on vacation, in a rented house (similar to the one in the movie Nancy Drew lived in by somthing Drecott). Soon odd things start to happen, doors and windows open and close by themselves, they'd find breakfast for them already set upwhen none of the girls fixedit. At times they'd catch a glimps of a tea cup lifting at the diner table as if someone was drinking from it, but no one was there. The main Char hasn't seen these thinga, she's heard them, but neverseen them. But when she encounters her first fright she can SEE the 'ghost' behind it. It's a guy (her age) named Jaleel. He was cursed by a man to be a Wanderer (ghost) ever since he was bon. At first she finds his hot, srcastic attitude infuroating, but soon falls deeply in love with him. She and him find out that if he dosen't turn human again before his next birthday (17th) his soul'll be dragged to he**. One problem. His birthday is in two weeks. And time is running out.


I need a unique name for the main character and slightly average names for 4 friends of hers. Also the main char is a bit of a bad-girl so try and fit in a name that matches their personality. I prefernames non-common to our culture today. Such as Lakota, Foalan, Raven, etc.

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    -Female names: Jade, Jadis, Jamie, Serenity, Faith, Trinity, Liberty, Willow, Aura, Aspen, Hadyn, Enyo, Jasmine, Gwen, Heather, Jordan, Kristin, Madison, Taylor, Emily, Morgan, Casey, Cora, Haley, Ivy, Piper, Ashlynne, Brooklyn, Emma, Penelope, Gwyneth, Payton, Jaylon, Cameron, Victoria, Cynthia, Alice, Lindsey, Rachel, Miranda, Melody, Harmony, Kayla, Katrina, Casey, Winrey, Olive

    Male names: Jonah, Jonas, Cody, Gabe, Theo, Leo, Pierce, Finley (Finn), Tyler, Gage, Adam, Zeke, William, Walker, Eric, Daniel, Dana (Yes, it's a boy's name too), Cam, Ren, Richard, Victor, Pierce, Henry, Ben, Nathaniel, Mike, Riley, Phillip, Jordan, Trenton, Taylor, Hunter, Alex, Milo, Demitri, Asher, Cameron, Trace, Otis, Wilson, Oliver, Sampson, Michael, Mick, Mason

    I must say that I disagree with the idea that ethnic backgrounds decide first names. Yes, last names, but first? I think not. If that were true, then all black girls would be named stuff like "Tyresha" and all white girls would be Annes and Janes. My English teacher is the most "lol you're so white" person I've ever met, but her first name is Shawna, and her black friend's name is Kim. In most cases, there is no reason to consider a person's ethnic background when naming an average-joe character.

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    preferring unique names is fine, but consider the characters' ethnic backgrounds nonetheless. someone from full japanese descent wouldn't be named Fallandra, right? So while unique is good, make sure their names match their background

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